Could you help build a greater democracy?

Wednesday, 15th July 2015

ARE you interested in having a greater say in the things that directly effect you?

Do you think that our public services are under threat, particularly from privatization? Do you feel side – lined by politicians? If you can answer, “Yes,” to one or more of these questions 38 degrees could be for you.

You may have seen us campaigning in the town centre, The Castle Grounds or Ventura Park. You may even have signed one of our petitions and/or read our leaflets.

38 Degrees is a national campaigning organisation with local groups all over the country. Our aim is to build democracy from people upwards rather than

accepting government from authority downwards. We aim to give people a voice and the confidence to express their ideas from local group level onwards.

We hope that local groups will be founded on the fact that all members will eventually be able to organise events of any kind rather than everything being handed down by a central group.

38 Degrees has no political affiliation and seeks no funding or leadership from political parties. We are strictly democratic. People are free to have their say and campaigning issues are decided upon from suggestions by members to final selection. They do, of course, need to be relevant to public concerns.

38 Degrees shares its values on the basis of inclusion, including racial inclusion, equality, respect – especially for the views of fellow members, belonging, co-operation, support, trust, unity, sympathy, friendship and loyalty.

We meet at The Tame Otter on the first Thursday of each month at 8.00 p.m. Perhaps you might like to drop into a meeting to see what you think.

You can reach us, the Tamworth group, at:
where you can join and contact Jim Horton, the local organiser.

It is completely free to join and if you continue as a member, each time you sign an online petition a donation page will appear. You can donate not, it is entirely up to you.

If you would like to find out about the national organisation for yourself the quickest route is to Google 38 Degrees the website should be the first one listed.