Could Police and Fire collaboration be on the cards?

Sunday, 3rd January 2016

A DECISION by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Authority to move forward with work looking at collaboration and integration between emergency services in the county has been welcomed.

A meeting of the Fire Authority agreed a recommendation that a group of senior officers should fully explore the benefits and risks of integration and collaboration.

Councillors on the Fire Authority also agreed a panel should be established to scrutinise the work of those senior officers. Those scrutinising the work of senior officers would also explore the benefits and risks of integration and collaboration.

The Authority also agreed that a progress update would be made at the next Fire Authority meeting in February on the work in this area.

Leading figures in Staffordshire have welcomed the decisions to move forward with work looking at collaboration.

Deputy Leader of Staffordshire County Council Ian Parry said: “This decision to understand in detail the benefits and challenges of integrating police and fire services is the right way forward. Spending every pound more efficiently is what we are about in Staffordshire and Stoke-On-Trent and this is a great example that could benefit substantially the people in our area.”

Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis said: “This is forward thinking and a sensible approach by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Authority members. It is absolutely essential that we reduce duplication in support services and move more money to support frontline policing and the frontline fire and rescue service. This is about Staffordshire showing the way forward for better integrated, more cost effective and more joined up services for the public.”

The scrutiny group would include five members of the Fire Authority, a member of Stoke-on-Trent Council, a member of Staffordshire County Council and the Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Fire Authority meeting was held at Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service headquarters Tuesday (December 15).