Coleshill Restaurant fined over £10,000 for Food Hygiene Offences

Friday, 17th May 2019

A COLESHILL restaurant has been fined over £10,000 for Food Hygiene offences following two inspections in 2018.

Rajrani Bengal Cuisine Ltd in High street, Coleshill has been fined a total of £10,120 for food hygiene offences.

Mr Uddin, one of the Directors of the Company, pleaded guilty to nine food hygiene offences on 14th May 2019.

The Court heard how a Food Safety Officer from North Warwickshire Borough Council’s Environmental Health Team visited the premises in November 2018 and raised concerns over the conditions found.

Advice and information were provided to the Company, however, a further visit 4 weeks later in December 2018 showed that conditions had not improved.

The Officer found there was an inadequate separation of raw meat and ready to eat foods, no system of food labelling or stock control, inadequate hand washing after handling raw meat.

In addition, containers used to store foods were dirty, uncovered containers of foods were being stored on top of and inside each other, the premises were dirty and in disrepair and food safety records had not been kept up to date and were incorrectly completed.

The premises were subsequently scored under the food hygiene rating scheme as 0 – Urgent Improvement Necessary.

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Steve Maxey, Acting Chief Executive of the Council said: “The Court acknowledged that these food premises were a serious risk to public health and have sent a strong message to this premises, and others in North Warwickshire, that standards must be maintained.

“Our Food Safety officers visit all premises on a regular basis and the vast majority are very good. This action shows that our Environmental Health Team will move swiftly to take further action if conditions do not improve.”

The court was informed the issues have been dealt with and that the premises has been re-inspected and now has a score of 4 – Good.

You can check the Food Hygiene rating of a business here


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