Tamworth campaigners ask our MP to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

Monday, 29th March 2021

LAST Friday (26 March), the Tamworth Climate Action group joined a UK wide event to raise awareness about the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE bill) has been written by a team of scientists, academics, lawyers and campaigners working together—and guided by current science—to call for urgent, far-reaching and necessary actions from the UK Government to tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

Max, a 32 years old engineer said:

“Some countries are already facing the consequences of the climate crisis. The UK is one of the richest countries in the world: we could lead the way out of the crisis, and the CEE bill is one step in the right direction.

According to the State of Nature report, 2019 on the UK’s biodiversity, we can already see the consequences of the ecological emergency in the UK:

  • 41% of all UK’s species have declined since the 70s (hedgehogs have declined by 95%)
  • 26% of the UK’s mammals are at a very real risk of becoming extinct
  • A third of the wild bees and hoverfly species have sustained losses, likely due to pesticides, habitat loss and climate change
  • 97% of the UK’s wildflower meadows have been lost in the last century

Biodiversity and the ecosystem services, such as pollination, food, water resources, flood prevention and decomposition, are all essential to civilization and human wellbeing.

Alice, aged 28:

“I want children but I’m terrified to bring one into the world. Babies born today might have to face food restriction, droughts or even wars when they will be adults. Governments have a responsibility to act today for the well-being of future generations.

More than 100 MPs are already supporting the bill. You can read it on the CEE Bill website: https://www.ceebill.uk/bill