Christopher Pincher MP to vote to keep ‘No Deal’ on the table

Wednesday, 13th March 2019

THE Member of Parliament for Tamworth – Christopher Pincher MP has said that he will be voting to keep the No Deal option on the table in tonight’s crucial House of Commons Vote.

Last night, Prime Minister Theresa May said that her party would have a ‘free vote’ in the house – meaning that the MP’s would not be ‘whipped’ to vote a certain way.

In a statement issued to Tamworth Informed, the Rt Hon Chris Pincher said: “Tonight, I will vote to keep No Deal on the table. The people of Tamworth and the United Kingdom voted for us to leave the EU and I will vote to ensure that happens, as promised, on March 29th.

“I was disappointed the deal did not pass yesterday and it has seriously reduced the chance of us leaving the EU on March 29th with a deal. I want to leave with a deal but I am still going to vote to ensure we have the option to leave on March 29th even if that is without a deal.”