Which Christmas tree is right for you? Find your match with the Tree Team at Cannock Chase

Saturday, 2nd November 2019

FORESTRY England is making new traditions at Cannock Chase Forest – turning choosing a tree into an unforgettable day out.

Christmas begins the moment you pick up your tree. And at Cannock Chase Forest, choosing your tree becomes an extra special festive tradition, with woodland rambles, Christmas trails, delicious treats, and even a gift from Santa.

At Cannock Chase you will be able to find the right tree for your home and family with their expert advice.

It’s also a great place to find specialist advice. Not every tree will suit every family, and Forestry England’s knowledgeable Tree Team can recommend the right tree for the right home, as well as offering detailed care tips so that you can make the most of your tree right through to Boxing Day (and beyond!). Once you’ve found your favourite, the Tree Team will cut the tree stump to ensure it lasts as long as possible and carry your tree to the car – leaving you to carry on making special memories with your family.

Rob Lamb, Christmas Manager at Forestry England, said: “It all starts with the tree, and our expert Tree Team make choosing a tree fun, easy, and that little bit more magical than buying elsewhere.

“Some of the team are volunteers who come back every year, delighted to share their knowledge and infectious Christmas spirit with local families. With their expert help, visitors are certain to find a tree that suits their home and family – and leave dreaming of mince pies and Santa.”

Forget drooping branches, sad brown needles, or battling to grab the last lonely tree at your local garden centre. Pull-on your walking boots, wrap up warm, and head to Cannock Chase Forest to find the perfect tree for you.

Here, the Tree Team have outlined what makes each type of tree special. Find your festive style to meet your match!

Traditional nostalgia

Looking for a storybook Christmas tree? Go for a Norway Spruce. This traditional tree is classically shaped with an abundance of branches, which means plenty of spots for all those sparkly baubles and handmade trinkets you can’t bear to leave in the box.

The Norway Spruce…

  • Has a wonderful, Christmassy scent. You’ll want to bottle it!
  • Is a little sharp and spiky to touch, so be careful with little hands hanging decorations.
  • Loses its needles slightly quicker than other varieties, so is best bought fresh closer to Christmas – no sooner than 3 weeks before.
  • Should be kept away from the radiator and watered regularly.

Standout sparkle

For those searching for a statement tree, we always recommend the Lodgepole Pine. Lush, bushy, and conventional, it’s perfect for big, airy rooms with high ceilings and lots of space. When you come to choose your tree, look closely – if you’re lucky, you might find one with pine cones clinging to the branches. Nature’s already done a little decorating for you!

The Lodgepole Pine…

  • Has a big personality, so be daring with your decorations. This tree will pull anything off!
  • Has lusciously long, yellowy green needles and a full, bushy appearance.
  • Brings a fresh pine scent to your room.
  • Features distinctive branches that point upwards.
  • Holds onto its needles for a long time – great if you like to start Christmas early!

Family-friendly simplicity

This tree is a true crowd-pleaser. The Nordmann Fir is the most popular Christmas tree in Europe, and it’s no surprise – it’s non-allergenic, soft, and gorgeously green. It also holds onto its needles for much longer than some other varieties, so you won’t have to worry about drooping before Santa comes.

The Nordmann Fir…

  • Is good for allergies; the needles have a thick waxy coating.
  • Has soft foliage and an even shape, making it a joy to decorate.
  • Features glossy, dark green needles with an almost light blue underside.
  • Has strong branches, which are ideal for hanging heavy glass decorations.
  • Is long-lasting, requiring very little maintenance.

For more information about real Christmas trees at Cannock Chase Forest and to arrange a press visit, please contact Laura Howard on laura.howard@forestryengland.uk.

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This article was supplied to Tamworth Informed by Richard Gillen.