Twenty-eight CCTV cameras rolled out in Polesworth

Sunday, 6th January 2019

RESIDENTS of Polesworth can now feel a little safer knowing that 28 CCTV cameras have been positioned around the village, in a bid to cut crime and anti-social behaviour.

Polesworth Parish Council who are responsible for the system which covers the centre of Polesworth and Abbey Green Park say that the comprehensive coverage is designed to make residents and businesses’ safer.

They say that they have plans to also roll out cameras to the villages of Warton and Birchmoor in 2019.

A public drop-in session was held on Monday 10 December which gave members of the public a chance to see the new CCTV system.

The Parish Council have now formed a subcommittee chaired by Councillor Mick Stanley to work with other agencies which included, North Warwickshire Borough Council, Warwickshire Police, Warwickshire County Council and Rapid Vision Systems to install a first-class CCTV system.

Representatives from each of the bodies were all on hand at the meeting to answer any questions from the public.

The public attended the drop-in sessions in December.

The public attended the drop-in sessions in December.

Cllr Mick Stanley said: “This has been a big commitment by the Parish Council and has been a lot of hard work over the last 12months, but we are all very pleased with the outcome. We had very positive comments from those who attend the meeting.

“Everyone was very impressed with the quality of the pictures from the 28 camera’s throughout Polesworth centre and Abbey Green Park. We now have comprehensive coverage which we hope will make residents and businesses’ safer.

“We will continue to work with the police and strengthen our cooperation with them in the new year. We will be working to introduce some camera’s in Warton and Birchmoor in 2019”

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Mark English, Design Out Crime Officer, Warwickshire Police said: “Warwickshire Police are keen to support Polesworth Parish Council with their introduction of a new CCTV system. The council have allowed the local officers access to their system so we can prevent/ detect crime and anti-social behaviour in the village.

“In today’s society technology is the way forward I’ve no doubt other areas will be adopting a similar system.
The local policing team are looking forward to working with the council to address local issues.”

Councillor David Reilly Chair of the North Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership and the Borough Council’s Safer Communities Sub Committee said:  “The new CCTV scheme for Polesworth is an excellent initiative and a great example of partnership working with Parish and Town Councils. This will be a big contribution to towards keeping Polesworth a safer place to live, work and visit.”

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