85% of Midlanders admit to cleaning their car less than once a month – despite the ongoing pandemic

Monday, 25th May 2020

A SURVEY conducted by a car leasing company has revealed that 85% of Midlanders admit to cleaning their car less than once a month, despite the fact that there is an ongoing pandemic where hygiene is a must.

This month, Intelligent Car Leasing followed up on a shocking 2014 survey which showed that 1 in 5 Brits admitted to never cleaning their car.

This time, they surveyed a bigger batch (1490 British residents) to see if the COVID-19 pandemic has changed or affected people’s attitudes towards car hygiene. There were improvements for the Midlands but it was found that old cleaning habits never die despite the ongoing encouragement to improve cleanliness from scientists, the media, and politicians.

Why did they conduct this study?

Lockdown and movement restrictions have given people more time to think about the future and changing human behaviour.

The catalyst for this survey came when Piers Morgan famously challenged Dr Hilary Jones on Good Morning Britain about car cleaning earlier this month. They wanted to see the difference in people’s attitudes because of the current global crisis as the car has become a breeding ground for bacteria in recent years

Here are some overall findings for the country as a whole:
  • Northerners (England) had the second most drivers who clean their vehicles weekly (4%) while the Welsh had the most (5%)
  • Most regions were fairly consistent, however, 15% of Scottish drivers clean their vehicles fortnightly.
  • This figure was also high in the Midlands (12%) even though the other regions were in single low figures
  • Londoners had the highest percentage of those who fail to clean their car at all (11%)
  • Northern Ireland had the highest percentage for those who admitted to only cleaning their car twice a year.
Here are some of the findings for the Midlands:
  • Only 3% of Midlands residents are cleaning their car each week
  • 2% of Midlands residents surveyed admitted to never cleaning their car
  • People from the Midlands were most likely to clean their vehicle every 2/3 months
  • 85% of Midlands residents fail to clean their car more than once a month
Car cleaning

The car cleaning guide from Intelligent Car Leasing,

To learn more about the study, please click here

They have also included a special checklist to help you all clean your car during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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