Get Ready for Brexit and use the Government’s Resources

Tuesday, 15th October 2019

THE Member of Parliament for Lichfield, Michael Fabricant, has reminded local residents and businesses of the importance to prepare for leaving the EU.

He has also urged people to make use of the governments brexit resources in their preparation plans.

The Government’s website contains a vast amount of useful information to assist during the UK leaving the EU.

Michael Fabricant

The member of Parliament formal Lichfield – Michael Fabricant MP

Michael has told Tamworth Informed: “As Brexit approaches, it is important that local companies which trade with the European Union – either as importers or exporters – are ready for it.

“Most companies will not be affected directly, but those that do should visit the Government Brexit website:

“Thus contains a huge amount of valuable information which local firms can use.  Whether or not you think your firm might be affected, the website is well worth a visit.  Brexit will create opportunities for firms which are not currently available as members of the EU and it is worth every firm exploring these.”

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