West Midlands Brexit Party MEP welcomes Government HS2 review

Wednesday, 21st August 2019

TODAY the Transport Secretary has announced a review into the high-speed rail project HS2 with a decision to taken by the end of the year on whether to proceed.

The review will consider whether and how the project to connect London, the Midlands and northern England should proceed, looking at costs and benefits.

West Midlands Brexit Party MEP Andrew England Kerr commented: “This is fantastic news. Continuing with HS2 is throwing good money after bad. It has been a disaster from day one and shutting it down now is the most prudent course of action.”

“The Brexit Party is the only major political party committed to scrapping HS2 and reinvesting the money in regional rail infrastructure which will reinvigorate our local economies.”

“Let’s hope the review reaches the correct conclusion and we can start to invest in the rest!”

The review will be chaired by Douglas Oakervee, a civil engineer who served as chairman of the Crossrail project between 2005 and 2009.

Lord Berkeley, another civil engineer who worked on the construction of the Channel Tunnel, will act as his deputy.

A final report will be sent to the government in the autumn.

The first segment of the HS2 development between London and Birmingham is due to open at the end of 2026, with the second phase to Leeds and Manchester scheduled for completion by 2032-33.

It is designed to carry trains capable of travelling at 250mph.