Nine-Year-Old Sells Xbox Games to Buy Presents for Other Children

Monday, 17th December 2018

NINE-year-old Bradley Hughes from Swadlincote has sold games and toys to give presents to other children at Christmas.

Bradley asked his Nan, Diane, who works for Tamworth Borough Council to take the used Xbox games into work to sell them for him and £87.00 was raised

His dad Christopher and step-mum Gemma Hughes have been explaining to Bradley that not all children will be lucky enough to receive presents at Christmas.

This is a message which has been reinforced by his teacher at Woodville Juniors School in Woodville, Swadlincote where they have been talking about caring and showing kindness to others

Nine-year-old Bradley with the gifts he bought with the money raised.

Nine-year-old Bradley with the gifts he bought with the money raised.

After raising the £87.00 from the sale of his games, Bradley was told he could choose what to do with the money and he could spend it on himself. Bradley however, said he would like the children who don’t get presents to have something to open as he had enough toys and games.

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A further £71.84 was collected by his Nan, Diane Hughes, who is Tenant Regulatory and Involvement Assistant, by running around Tamworth Council asking her colleagues to donate their change. This bought the total collected to an amazing £158.84

Diane told Tamworth Informed: “I explained that some special people at the Council where I work help children and their families and that we could donate the presents to them to hand out.  As a family we are so proud of Bradley.

“Fifty presents of a selection box, colouring book and crayons have been handed over to the various Children’s Services Teams at Tamworth Borough Council”.

There will be 50 happy children in Tamworth who will receive a gift with Bradley’s generous Christmas spirit and the kindness of Diane’s colleagues at Tamworth Borough Council.