Bob-sleigh plans for Tamworth Snowdome

Friday, 1st April 2016

The owners of Tamworth Snowdome have announced plans for a Bob-sleigh run to be built as part of their improvements.

The plans, announced yesterday are set to improve the winning possibility of Team GB, ahead of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in 2018.

The planned route for the course will see the run start at the top of the existing ski route and then go out of the centre, across the carpark.

Controversially the route will then cross Peelers Way at around the same height as the current A5 flyover, this did raise initial concerns over safety but the planners have now now straightened the route at this section to ‘reduce’ the risk of a bobsleigh leaving the track and causing an accident.

The route will then narrowly miss the Tamworth FC ground before crossing back over Peelers Way, taking in the edge of Borrowpit Lake and then finishing at the side of the existing swimming pool.

Planners drawings of 'The Lamb' corner, which narrowly misses Tamworth FC ground

Planners drawings of ‘The Lamb’ corner, which narrowly misses Tamworth FC ground

A spokesperson for Tamworth Snowdome told Tamworth Informed:
“This really is an exciting opportunity to bring visitors to the town and create jobs.

“We also hope that in some way we can increase the Olympic hopes of Team GB for PyeongChang 2018”

Team GB Bob-sleigh have said how important this development this is for the sport.

They have said: “Bob-sleigh consists of three events in the Olympic programme; the male four-man and two-man and female two-man.

“Each event consists of four heats, held on two consecutive days. The four runs are timed to 0.01 seconds. The final standings are determined by the total time over the four runs; the winner is the sled with the lowest aggregate time.

“Due to the fine timings of the event this is why it is essential that British Bob-sleigh has the best possible training facilities.”

Tamworth Borough Council are believed to fully support the plans.

Snowdome bobsleigh

The planned route for the Tamworth Bob-sleigh Course

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