Blue bins to be checked for contaminated waste

Tuesday, 30th October 2018

TAMWORTH Borough Council and Lichfield District Council’s Joint Waste Service is warning that blue bins will not be emptied if contaminated waste, including filled black bin liners, are put in recycling bins.

After five truck-loads of recycling was recently turned away from its sorting plant due to contaminated waste, the Joint Waste Service is stepping up checks on blue bin waste.

Recycling that hasn’t been washed properly, waste that isn’t recyclable, such as used nappies, and filled black bin bags, are just some of the things that have been finding their way into blue bins.

If a load of recycling is rejected, it unfortunately ends up being sent to landfill, which costs more, wastes other people’s recycling efforts and is bad for the environment.

The council will be putting stickers on bins to remind residents that they should only put loose recycling into their bins or, if they want to bag it, to only use clear bags. This is because the recycling sorting plant does not accept waste in black bin bags.

Waste operatives will check blue bins before they are collected and will not empty bins that have any contaminated waste in them.

Councillor John Chesworth, Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet member for Operational Services, said: “We want to send as much waste as possible to be recycled. If loads are turned away, it costs us money. It is also disappointing, as we know the majority of residents work hard to recycle where they can.

“We’re reminding people about what can and can’t be put into the blue bin to try and avoid loads being turned away in future. This also means making sure any dirty items are washed out and not bagging recyclable waste in black bin bags. Recyclable material can be put directly into the blue bin loose, or bagged in clear bags.

“By following these instructions, you won’t find a note on your bin saying that we cannot empty it due to contamination. Thank you to everyone in advance for your help with this.”

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