Activists Act Immediately against Biodiversity Loss

Wednesday, 7th October 2020

ON Friday 9 October, tree protectors, local residents and activists from various groups will join forces under the banner of ‘Stop HS2 Staffordshire’ to protest and witness the destruction of ancient woodlands near Fradley Junction.

They insist that they will meet in a COVID-safe manner, at 10am along Wood End Lane (intersecting with the junction of Netherstowe Lane) in Lichfield.

“This is our England. Our green and pleasant land. And now HS2 have come into our county to rip it up and tear it down with their diggers and chainsaws.” Said Simon Beavis, a 63-year-old local gardener.

“My family were farmers in Staffordshire for generations. My ancestors must be turning in their graves at what HS2 is doing to our countryside. The ordinary taxpayer is paying for a project that will allow a few rich people to get to London 20 minutes faster on trains they will not be able to afford to use.

“Our MP voted against this project as did our local councils. Democracy has failed us. For me, the only option now is to protest and resist.”

The protestors have been at various woodland sites along Wood End Lane a number of times over the last couple of weeks to witness and photograph the destruction of the woodlands.

On 6 October, as on several occasions in the previous 2 weeks, they stopped HS2’s felling at Little Lyntus Wood for 2 to 3 hours by sitting peacefully in front of the gates.

Tree Protectors are also camping on-site at John’s Gorse/Hanch Wood on Shaw Lane to disrupt the ongoing massacre of trees.

The group hightlited to Tamworth Informed that on 30 September, Boris Johnson declared: “We must act now, right now. We cannot afford to dither and delay because biodiversity loss is happening today and it is happening at a frightening rate”. But on 1 October, 3 days after Mr Johnson’s announcement to protect the UK’s biodiversity, activists and tree protectors were removed from our ancient woodlands to make way for HS2 chainsaws.

Britain’s ancient woodlands are being destroyed to make way for the Government’s planned HS2 works. By its own admission, HS2 will never be carbon neutral in its 120-year lifespan, while being responsible for the largest act of deforestation since World War 2.

On Friday 9, different groups along the HS2 line will hold various actions, both on-site and online, to draw attention to and protest the massive destruction and biodiversity loss at the hands of HS2.

Stop HS2 Staffordshire have stated that they will be one of these groups, and say that as advised by Boris Johnson himself: “Extinction is forever, so our action must be immediate”.

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