Best friends to play Star Crossed Lovers

Tuesday, 27th October 2015

SHAKESPEARE’S most famous love story is to be performed next week in the beautiful setting of Middleton Hall.

Romeo and Juliet follows the story of two lovers caught up between their feuding families, and the leading actors are played by best friends Neil Lucas and Olivia Shepherd, who met just last year when they played alongside each other in the Tamworth pantomime.

Neil said: “In the last twelve months we have worked together on three different shows, and we always seem to end up as lovers! We are also working together as Aladdin and the Princess in this year’s pantomime, so fate seems to be bringing us together on the stage.

“To play the part of Romeo has been exciting and challenging and I’ve loved working with the rest of the cast. We have become so close throughout this process and I’ve learned so much.

“Middleton Hall is the perfect place to be doing this and it’s not hard to imagine yourself being from a different time period when you’re here.”

Neil is a hairdresser and runs Alter Ego Salon just off Buckingham Road, while Olivia works at Tamworth Castle, as well as being a drama teacher and local councillor for Fazeley.

Olivia said: “I’ve always wanted to play Juliet, it’s such an iconic part and one I can really get my teeth into. It’s fantastic working with such a good local cast, who are mainly made up of members of the local community, some of whom have never been in a Shakespeare play before.

“It’s an exciting challenge and we can’t wait to get to Middleton Hall next Friday and get started.”

Romeo and Juliet has tickets available for Sunday 8 November at 1pm and 7pm, with limited availability for Saturday 7. The opening Friday night is now completely sold out.

Tickets are £12 and include a complimentary drink on arrival and tea and coffee in the interval. They can be bought from the Tamworth Tourist Information Centre on 01827 709618 or from