Cheers! Beer Tax frozen for another Year

Friday, 8th February 2019

FROM the 1st February, the Government has frozen tax on beer, cider and spirits for another year, keeping costs down for pub owners and consumers.

This now runs into six consecutive years that, alcohol duty has either been cut or frozen, providing £4.4 billion of support to the pubs and drinks industry.  

Christopher Pincher MP told Tamworth Informed: “British Pubs and drink manufacturers make not only an important contribution to our economy, but also to the local community. This news means a typical pint is now 14p cheaper than expected to be, when you take into account the cost of inflation.

“The alcohol duty freeze helps support businesses across the industry including pubs, small breweries and independent specialist distilleries. I will be attending the debate, in Parliament, this Thursday on Beer Tax and Pubs and I will continue to support pub owners across Tamworth.

“What a perfect opportunity to toast a well-deserved pint!”