Brand New Fitness Class Launches in Tamworth

Tuesday, 23rd April 2019

BATTLE Ready Bootcamp, the new players in military-style outdoor fitness workouts are celebrating their launch in Tamworth with £5 for 5 classes deal.

Residents of Tamworth now have a brand new fitness solution on their doorstep, just in time to enjoy the great outdoors this summer. Battle Ready Bootcamp is a brand new, military-style group exercise class featuring banter and laughter throughout.

These classes are suitable for all abilities so members will be catered for no matter whether they’re a complete fitness beginner or want to be pushed with hardcore intensity!

Each class moves to different parts of the park, with brand new workouts, and of course the ever-changing UK weather, making every class completely unique and unlike anything you’ll have ever experienced before! Battle Ready Bootcamp is everything you need for fitness results in the great outdoors this spring.

And, for a limited time, new clients can take advantage of five classes for £5 to try the classes for themselves. For more information on these offers visit

“Not only does Battle Ready Bootcamp addresses physical fitness, but additionally the group environment and highly supportive instructors ensure your overall wellbeing, mental health and resilience is strengthened too. This means that you’re not only ‘Battle Ready’ in a physical sense but mentally too which has never been more important than in today’s world” says Co-founder Garry Kerr.

“What’s more, we believe that exercise should be accessible to all. The key is sustainability and our focus is on improving health, regardless of age or fitness level. We do this by removing one of the biggest obstacles to exercise, which is boredom and motivation.  There is no better-equipped team of individuals to provide camaraderie and motivation (and heaps of banter!) than our own British Forces – the lynchpin to every class we deliver”

Battle Ready Bootcamp is everything you need for fitness results in the great outdoors this spring.

Battle Ready Bootcamp is everything you need for fitness results in the great outdoors this spring.

The classes are led by highly-trained instructors with a background in the Armed Forces. The feeling of pride and belonging within Battle Ready Bootcamp mirrors that of the British Armed Forces and it is with that pride and passion that members of Battle Ready Bootcamp can find that sense of belonging. This inclusivity brings with it its own sense of motivation, inspiration and drive that see members achieving and exceeding their goals

The structure of the classes means that beginners and advanced athletes can work alongside each other, pushed to their own limit. Even total beginners can see almost immediate results. No matter what your fitness ability you can expect a different workout at every class, combining bodyweight exercises, partner and team exercises and games and the inclusion of kit such as logs, tyres, ropes, slam balls and power bags.

Battle Ready Bootcamp is ideal for busy adults who have struggled to commit to regular, lonely gym routines or.  The highly-trained team can help people of any fitness level see measurable results, build strength, increase muscle and bone density, lose fat, improve balance and posture, and experience fewer aches and pains. Best of all, the distractions of the great outdoors and other members means you’ll barely notice you’ve worked so hard or for so long!

Battle Ready Bootcamp intend to open additional locations across the UK to meet the growing demand.