And the polls are open!

May 7, 2015

THE polling stations are now open and tonight, at 10pm, the polls will close and the counting will begin to decide who the MP of Tamworth will be for the next five years. Hear what each of the parliamentary candidates have to say here.

Earlier last month, Tamworth Informed contacted each of the five candidates asking them to tell us why the people of Tamworth should vote for them to represent us in the House of Commons.

To help you make a decision, you can also listen to the hustings held at St Edithas Church by listening back on TCRfm by clicking here.

This is what each candidate had to say to Tamworth Informed; they have been ordered in the places their party came in the 2010 election.

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Christopher Pincer – Conservative Party Received 45.8% of the votes in 2010.

Conservative Party Candidate - Christopher Pincher

Conservative Party Candidate – Christopher Pincher

Over the last five years I have focused on winning more skilled jobs for Tamworth. If re-elected I will continue to hold my annual jobs fairs which see over 300 full and part times jobs available. And I will continue to help local businesses grow and export.

It is great news that unemployment is falling faster in Tamworth than anywhere else in the UK. Wages are now growing too. By attracting skilled jobs and apprenticeships we will secure a better future for local people and build a strong economy that pays for more investment in homes, schools and in our hospitals. I will continue to campaign, as I have for over a year, for day case surgery at the Peel hospital and for new, better services there. As our population changes and ages, we need our hospitals to respond to new demands. I will fight for our local share of the £8billion David Cameron has promised every year to the NHS.

I also want to see Tamworth town centre regenerated following the 2008 recession. I helped to win over £3million which will build an “enterprise quarter” around the Assembly Rooms generating an extra £13m annually for local shops. I want to see better links between the town and Ventura Park across the Lady Bridge.

At Westminster I voted against HS2 and for tougher “recall” laws to make it easier to sack bad MPs. I also campaigned for more funding for Staffordshire’s schools. Over the next five years I will continue to speak up for our area and work for a proud and prosperous town – the best place in the Midlands to live and work.

Carol Dean – Labour Party Received 32.7% of the votes in 2010 (Brian Jenkins).

Labour Party Candidate - Carol Dean

Labour Party Candidate – Carol Dean

This will be one of the most important elections in a generation. While I understand that some people are fed up with politicians who seem out of touch with people’s lives, it’s crucial that we make the right choice to change Tamworth and Britain for the better, for everyone.

For me politics is about helping to create a fairer society, where everyone has the opportunity to do well. I’ve always believed that local people’s voices should be heard on the decisions that affect them. That’s why I’ve campaigned locally on issues such as the closure of our public toilets, cuts in services at our local hospital and against the threat of HS2.

If you elect me, I’ll listen to everyone and do my best to represent you wherever you live, in Tamworth town or the surrounding villages. Over the past five years many people have suffered and the so-called economic recovery is certainly not benefiting everyone.

I believe that only a Labour government will help to put this country back on track in a fairer and more sustainable way. We will invest in our NHS and social care, halt creeping privatisation and support families where they need it, and ensure our economy works for everyone.

I’m standing to become your MP, not as a career move, but because I grew up and raised a family here and I care passionately about representing the interests of local people. If you elect me as your MP, I won’t let you down.

Jenny Pinkett – Liberal Democrats Received 16.2% of the votes in 2010.

Liberal Democrats Candidate - Jenny Pinkett

Liberal Democrats Candidate – Jenny Pinkett

I live in the centre of Tamworth, my children were educated locally and I have taught in  three Tamworth High Schools.

Five years ago the United Kingdom stood at the brink of one of the worst financial meltdowns our country has ever seen and I am very proud that the Liberal Democrats entered into the first coalition for many years to help resolve such huge economic problems. 

Since 2010 Tamworth has seen 2600 new business start ups and 4500 new apprenticeships.  We now need improved transport provision, new homes especially in the town centre, and good schools.  Liberal Democrats have protected school budgets and introduce the Pupil Premium bringing £9.75m to the most disadvantaged pupils in Tamworth. I would like to see greater support for the teaching of literacy in our primary schools so children are truly literate before they enter high school. Tamworth has a very poor record in this area.

In this constituency 44 300 people have benefitted by raising the tax threshold to £10 600. We would like to go further and raise it to £12 500 by 2020. Liberal Democrats will deliver the £8bn a year the NHS needs, an NHS free at the point of delivery.

In government we have managed to secure £1.25b for child and adolescent mental health provision over the next five years. With an aging population we need to retain a high quality community hospital. The Lib Dems have worked on turning the country around so that the next generation have a stronger economy and a fairer society with opportunities for everyone.

The job isn’t complete but we’re on the right road to economic recovery Conservatives will continue to make savage cuts and Labour will borrow more, only the Liberal Democrats will cut less than Tories and borrow less than Labour.

Jan Higgins – UKIP Received 4.9% of the votes in 2010 (Paul Smith).

UKIP Candidate - Jan Higgins

UKIP Candidate – Jan Higgins

I have been married for 34 years; have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. My career has included teaching and managing a charity.

When made redundant in my 50’s, I realised how vulnerable we are when things happen that we have no control over. That’s why I became actively involved in politics and am now standing as your Parliamentary Candidate, so that I can support people when they need it. I am proud to be representing Tamworth; I have personal links here.

I am not a career politician but a parent and grandparent who wants a better future for us all. I am disappointed in what has happened to our society over the years and have had enough of the unfairness we see in this country.

I feel the present political system is not fairly representing the people of our great country, I want to change that. My Grandson has severe Autism & learning difficulties; he is not getting the support he needs due to the closure of so many support services. Why should our children go without essential support yet government plans to spend over £50billion on HS2!   

Please vote for me so that you gain a genuine, dedicated and motivated champion for you and for Tamworth.

Nicola Holmes – The Green Party Not represented in 2010

The Green Party Candidate - Nicola Holmes

The Green Party Candidate – Nicola Holmes

I am passionate about education and our children, I have two under fives and I am secretary of the PTA and parent governor at my sons school. I campaign with 38degrees to keep our NHS in public hands away from privatisation.

After attending the Rugeley mass feed I got involved with the BIA campaign breastfeeding calendar to raise funds for breastfeeding support groups, the calendar is live at, before we even got to my month, August, it was announced the funding would be cut for Tamworth BIBS, one of the groups we hoped to help.

Austerity cuts have crippled the country, plunging people into hardship and debt, cutting vital services. Tamworth we have seen services cut right back, many affecting the young. Youth services, Sure Starts, libraries, Tamworth’s fantastic Breastfeeding support group, which was the pride of Tamworth. The fire station, the golf course and even the toilets, leaving Tamworth people quite literally without a pot to pee in.

The Green Party would invest in our young people with free education. The Green Party would like to scrap HS2 and re nationalise our railways, replace bedroom tax with a bankers tax and make a fairer world for all. We would close loopholes that allow big business to avoid tax.

If I were MP I would fight for the people of Tamworth, campaign for free parking at least for the first hour to help our town centre and fight to protect our services. I would keep Tamworth fracking free and defend the rights of the people, not the privileged few.

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