Ambulance Service asks “Are you ready for Christmas?”

Wednesday, 17th December 2014

WEST Midlands Ambulance Service have launched a campaign to reduce the number of calls for their service by asking: “Have you stocked up your medicine cabinet in time for Christmas?”

The Trust is appealing for the public to support its local ambulance service by thinking carefully before dialling 999, after staff responded to more than 3,500 calls on Saturday making it the fourth busiest day for the Service on record.

They are now reminding people that having few essential first aid and medical supplies could spare you a 999 call or a trip to A&E.Choose Well (Red) Logo

Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer Steve Wheaton said: “While you’re out shopping, don’t forget to pick up the essentials to help you get through the Christmas period. Make sure you have some plasters and bandages, tissues, painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, cold and flu remedies and a thermometer.

“If you have any supplies currently, check the use-by dates. Throw them away if they are out-of-date.

“Now is also the time to sort out any repeat prescriptions. Don’t leave it too late to check. There is still time to make an appointment with your doctor.”

“At what is already an extremely busy time for the ambulance service you can help avert further calls with some simple pre-planning and, in turn, help us get to the genuine life-threatening cases faster.”

The recent increase in calls not only puts pressure on front-line staff responding to patients in ambulance vehicles, but it also sees the Emergency Operations Centre staff equally as busy answering calls and managing the high demand to ensure patient who need help the most come first.

In addition to the huge pressure that the ambulance service is under, staff in A&E departments around the region are equally as busy too.

So think, do you really need an Ambulance?