A5 closed due to ‘Police Incident’

Wednesday, 23rd December 2015

THE A5 in Tamworth has been closed in both directions from Stonydelph to Ventura this evening due to a ‘Police Incident’.

We received numerous reports from 9pm this evening, Wednesday 23 December of an incident on the A5 which resulted in the Police closing the carriageway in both directions.

Police officers were seen walking down the carriageway with torches as if to be looking for something and the National Police Air Service were seen hovering overhead for some time.

The road re-opend at around 1020pm.

We have been contacted by a reader who stated that the closure was due to a pedestrian stood in the middle of the live lanes and nearly being struck by a vehicle.

A further reader stated that the closure was due to a man being stood on the wrong side of the barriers on a bridge over the road.

Out thoughts are with all persons involved and we hope they get all the help and support they need.

The message from a reader

The message from a reader

facebook message from a reader