A Dame a Dozen!

Wednesday, 31st October 2018

DICK Whittington comes to Tamworth this December and one cast member is embarking on his twelfth pantomime – oh yes he is!

Alex Farrell is well known for playing the Dame every year, and this year is no exception as he dons a dress and high heels to play Dame Daphne Dumpling.

Alex said: “Pantomime is in my blood, I love it, and I can’t think of a better place to perform than in Tamworth.

“We’ve spent the last few years without the Assembly Rooms while it is being renovated, and we are so pleased that the Tamworth people have followed us to our temporary venues. This year we are performing at Landau Forte Academy QEMS for the first time, and you’ll be amazed at what we’ve done with the venue.”

Aex Farrell as Dame Daphne Dumpling

Aex Farrell as Dame Daphne Dumpling

Alex has not always played the Dame; he started as the leading comedy role, playing characters like Buttons and Wishee Washee, but he took on the role as Dame eight years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

“It’s a privilege to play the Dame, and the role is very special to me,” Alex said. “You have a unique relationship with the audience. You’re their friend and talk to them personally, as well as making them laugh while steering them through the ups and downs of the pantomime.”

Alex has a real affinity for the town – he runs Radio Tamworth as well as local drama school Enact Academy.

Alex plays Wishee Washee in the 2012 production of Aladdin

Alex plays Wishee Washee in the 2012 production of Aladdin

He added: “A dozen pantomimes makes me feel very old – I started when I was 16 years old – and I’m hoping to carry on as long as the people of Tamworth want me!”

Dick Whittington comes to Landau Forte Academy QEMS from 13 to 23 December. Tickets are £14 adults, £9 children and £42 for a family ticket.

To book, call the Tamworth Tourist Information Centre on 01827 709618 or visit www.TamworthPanto.co.uk.