Fancy a visit to a Winter Wonderland? Try Tamworth’s SnowDome!

Friday, 23rd November 2018

RIGHT on our doorstep, in the heart of Tamworth, you will find an amazing Winter Wonderland to be explored!

On stepping inside this enchanting wonderland you will find real snow, Father Christmas and a host of animals.

We are of course talking about Santa’s Winter Wonderland event at Tamworth’s SnowDome, which is open now, for it’s 14th year!

In previous years we have seen a lot of talk about this event and so this year we decided to pop along and try it out so we could let our readers know all about it.

The Santa’s Winter Wonderland event opened its doors on Friday 16 November and so we decided to go along early. There is plenty of time for you to go through as the event will run until New Year’s Eve!

From the moment we walked through the Winter Wonderland archway and down the stairs, we were immersed in an enchanting, icy wonderland. We found ourselves inside an icy cavern, complete with an Ice Queen who welcomed us.

The Ice Queen was there to greet us!

The Ice Queen was there to greet us!

The smile on my 4-year-old’s face was incredible and looking around, everyone else, young and old seemed excited about the experience.

Screens around the cavern told us what to expect once inside the main arena and after a short introduction from the Ice Queen, the doors opened and we all went inside.

There may not be real snow at Lapland this year but there certainly is here… and lots of it! Inside, there is a large snow track to walk around and lots of wooden sledges to use too. Not forgetting, of course, the opportunity for snowball fights!

There was lots of fun to be had on the sledges!
There was lots of fun to be had on the sledges!
The snow was real... and so was the fun!
The snow was real... and so was the fun!

There is also a large slide and a number of smaller slides which the younger visitors can use with the rubber rings found inside.

The trail itself is lined with illuminated Christmas trees and large hanging decorations and snakes its way around the edge of the ice-rink and through a tunnel.  Christmas music plays and you cannot help but fall into the Christmas spirit!

You can see our walk around of the snow trail below:

As you can see in the video, around half of the snow trail has a wooden boardwalk around the edge, so if there are any guests with mobility issues, they can avoid walking directly on the snow.

After around 30-minutes of fun in the snow; sliding, playing and throwing snowballs, a trumpet was sounded to signify that it was time for us to enter the theatre and enjoy the brand new Santa show.

The theatre itself is cosy and warm, large enough for the number of guests, but it feels intimate meaning we felt part of the action.

The big man himself in the Santa Show.
The big man himself in the Santa Show.

The show lasts around 30-minutes and was really enjoyable for all, my 4-year-old was really taken in by the magic of it all.  Santa was of course, at the centre of the action, but a number of other characters were introduced, many of whom you will recognise from other plays.

The staging of the show was amazing and incorporated puppets, props, lights and music. Speaking of music, there was even a DJ in the show – although he was a little Che-Z!

Our daughter enjoying the show.
My daughter was really taken in by the magic of the show.

Following the show, we were all led out into the Animal Villiage where a number of animals can be found. Real Reindeer, Alpacas, Rabbits, Goats and Ducks included. There is also a chance for the little ones to write a letter to Santa and post it in the magical post box.

The whole experience lasted around 1 hour 30 minutes and was really enjoyable from start to finish. Real snow, real animals, real fun!

Standard Tickets cost £17.95 and children under two years old go free.  There is also a Saver Ticket option which costs £13.95 and are valid Monday – Friday until the 14th December.

So what are you waiting for? Get down to the SnowDome for the ultimate family Christmas adventure.  For more information call 03448 000011, or visit to book tickets online.

Please note that this article is NOT a paid promotion and is, in fact, our true review of our time at Santa’s Winter Wonderland.