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View from the House – 20th October

Christopher Pincher MP

HELLO and welcome to my weekly View from the House for Tamworth Informed.

It was a busy week. Monday is always a hectic day and this one was no exception. My Mondays always start with an 8am meeting during which my team and I discuss the week’s plan and any news from the weekend. It’s then to Downing Street for a few hours to a meeting with the Chief Whip and others where we work on the Government’s agenda for the week.

On Monday Parliament begins sitting from 2.30pm so that MPs have time to get to London from their constituencies. Prayers are read at the beginning of each day and until the point which they have finished a few minutes later, those working within the House will say ‘good morning’ to each other no matter what the actual time of day. A tradition which still confuses me!

Tuesday I attended a statement by the Brexit secretary David Davis on the progress of the negotiations with the EU. The general feeling, despite what some headlines may say, is that of optimism. Both the EU and the Government feel that the negotiations are moving along and come March 2019 we will have a deal.

On Tuesday I also met the Minister with responsibility for HS2, Paul Maynard. I discussed with him numerous cases of constituents that are affected and having problems with HS2 within the Tamworth area. We have found that in a number of cases HS2 Ltd had, perhaps unintentionally, delayed compensation payments to constituents. This may seem like nothing to the HS2 organisation however to those affected it is often a significant amount of money. The meeting was positive and a series of steps had been agreed which HS2 Ltd will write back to me on.

Wednesday was PMQs and an Opposition Day. This happens every week where the opposition will choose a subject to debate with the Government. This week the debate was on the roll out of Universal Credit – a new, more efficient payment which will take six payments and turn them in to one. The Government has announced some important changes we continue to improve the system.

Every Thursday morning there is a session where MPs put questions to Andrea Leadsom, the Leader of the House of Commons. One of the roles of the Leader of the House is to set out the timeline of when individual bills will be debated in Parliament. There were some interesting announcements, such as when the important EU Withdrawal (formerly Great Repeal) Bill will be debated.

On Friday, as always, it’s back to Tamworth where I get the opportunity to catch up on casework and get out and about meeting various people. On Saturday I have a surgery in Hints late morning. If you live in the area, or would like me to hold a surgery in your area, please let me know on [email protected].

Have a good weekend!



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