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View from the House – 1st December

Christopher Pincher MP

IT has been a busy week in Parliament as usual!

A lot of attention has been on the assessments which the Government published that seek to predict the impact on certain sectors that Brexit may have when we leave in April 2019.

The Government also announced its Industrial Strategy on Monday which seeks to address many things, such as productivity, wages, quality of jobs and future proofing industry – however, this was somewhat overshadowed by the engagement of a certain royal couple! Wonder if there’ll be a Bank Holiday for the wedding? Good luck to them both.

Earlier on in the week I hosted a meeting with farmers from the area and introduced them to different MPs that have responsibilities in the agriculture sector so they could voice their view. They met the Parliamentary Private Secretary to the environment secretary Michael Gove, and Julian Sturdy, MP for York Outer and member of the environment select committee. The farmers mentioned how useful it was to come to Parliament, sit round a table and get their positions on the table in front of people that have regular dialogue with government departments.

If you or any interest group you know feel it could be of use to have a similar meeting then please get in touch and I’ll see what can be done.

Amongst attending numerous other debates in the Chamber this week, on subjects such as Universal Credit, Brexit and Prime Minister’s Question time, I also took a tour of employees of a nearby business to us. As I always say, I very much enjoy taking tours because it firstly gives me a chance to meet a wide array of constituents. Though I also hope that it gives more of an understanding as to how this ancient building in the middle of London plays a vital role in every one of our lives from the Isles of Shetland to Scilly. Please get in touch if you would like a tour.

The first Saturday of December is approaching and that means that it’s Small Business Saturday. An event which, although relatively young, has gone from strength to strength and has encouraged more people than ever to get out and buy local and independent. Even some of the big guys are getting involved now and particular banks will even offer you bonuses for using your card in an independent shop. Christmas is only 23 days away so get in now!

Speaking of independent organisations around Tamworth, Radio Tamworth will launch again on Friday 1st December. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day and you can listen on your radio, via 106.8 FM, or online via http://www.radiotamworth.com/. We’re very lucky to have so many independent outlets run by passionate locals, including of course Tamworth Informed, and long may they continue!

As always, have a great weekend and let’s hope England beat the Aussies for a second time in a fortnight (in rugby I should say, we won’t talk about the cricket) on Saturday morning.



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