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Chris Pincher MP ‘View from the House’ – 12th January 2018

Palace of Westminster from across the Thames

HELLO and welcome to my first View from the House of 2018 for Tamworth Informed.

It was a busy start to the year with the Prime Minister calling a reshuffle of her Cabinet and ministers on Monday morning. Although there were only a few movements at Secretary of State-level, the most interesting changes were at Minister-level where a number of more recently elected MPs were brought in. The team is fresh, excited and full of positive ideas.  I personally think this is an exciting development and I’ll be watching what my colleagues are able to achieve.

I was also delighted to return to the Whips’ Office and have become Deputy Chief Whip. My job will be to help the Chief Whip ensure that legislation passes through Parliament as smoothly as possible and that the day-to-day business of the Government continues as usual.

The Whips’ Office has seldom been busier than at present in this political climate, which means it is a very exciting time to be involved. Coming forward in the next few months will be a series of key pieces of legislation which Parliament must pass and be made into law if we are to secure a Brexit which is in the country’s interest.

However, Brexit will not just be the only agenda item of the Government for this year. The Prime Minister has already made her intentions clear that the environment will be a top priority. She has announced a number of proposals already, such as rolling out carrier bag charges to smaller businesses, discouraging single-use plastics, encouraging supermarkets to implement a ‘non-plastic’ aisle, and investigating a ‘latte levy’ of a charge on non-recyclable coffee cups. This is all vital work to leave the environment in a better place than that which we found it. And it will contribute to making Tamworth all the more green and clean.  All of these changes can only occur however if legislation is in place; which is where the Whips’ Office comes in to ensure it is passed.

All the change in Westminster, however, does not stop me working hard to represent those living in Tamworth and the surrounding areas. As 2018 progresses, I want to continue working to understand mental health provision in the area and how it may be improved. I also want to work to ensure that the rollout of Universal Credit, which has been so prominent in the national media, is effective and smooth in Tamworth. The initial noises are that it has been successful, however, I soon have a meeting with the Job Centre to go over the detail and make sure it will continue to work for everyone.

There will likely be some changes to the funding for our schools also this year. The new formula which the Government has suggested it will introduce will mean that the average funding for schools in Tamworth will raise just under 4% per year.

In the meantime, if you have any concerns I’m always available via my email address [email protected].

Best wishes,


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