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Vaccinate children to avoid unwanted Christmas present

flu virus

PARENTS are being urged to have their young children vaccinated against flu before they spread it far and wide this winter.

Not only is flu unpleasant for small children once they’ve contracted it, but they tend to pass the bug on to the rest of the family.

Alan White, Deputy Leader of Staffordshire County Council and Cabinet member for Health, Care and Wellbeing, said: “We know from experience that small children catch the flu bug from other youngsters, then take it home and often pass it on to the rest of the family.

“This can be a particular risk for the elderly and more vulnerable who come into contact with children over the Christmas holidays and we would encourage parents to have their child vaccinated now to reduce the risk.”

Children aged two to eight are entitled to a free flu vaccine and they have it as a nasal spray, rather than an injection.

Older people, asthma sufferers, mums-to-be and those with heart, lung and liver complaints are more vulnerable if they catch flu and people in those groups are also entitled to free vaccinations.

Alan White added: “The vaccine is free, it’s painless and we’d urge parents, carers and guardians to have under-eights – and particularly those aged two and three – visit the GP before the Christmas rush.”


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