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Striking underpass art depicts iconic people, places and history of Tamworth

Underpass Art

A MAJOR project to decorate two key Tamworth underpass routes with striking artwork depicting some of the town’s most iconic people, places and features, has now been completed.

The huge images adorn the walls of two of the most commonly used underpasses beneath Riverdrive Bridge in Tamworth, linking the SnowDome with Namco Funscape and the Castle Grounds with Ventura Park.

Anyone passing through the underpasses will now be met with fantastic artwork celebrating some of the town’s heritage, attractions and leisure activities.

The work has taken shape over the last three years, with previous phases of the project including the painting of famous Tamworth sports people; boxer Ryan Hatton, athlete Meghan Beesley, snowboarder Adam Gendel and footballer Marc Albrighton, as well as historical figures such as war hero Colin Grazier, former Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel, and iconic images such as Tamworth Castle, River Tame swans and a Reliant car.

In the latest and final phase, artists have added wonderful colourful scenes of the River Tame, Ladybridge and the Castle Grounds, including the Bandstand and a jousting scene, depicting the action of the town’s now nationally-recognised St George’s Day festival.

The underpass artwork initiative is part of the ongoing Gateways project to improve links to Tamworth town centre.

To deliver the artwork, Tamworth Borough Council teamed up with Art Recruitment Tamworth – organisers of the popular annual Urban Arts Festival which sees local artists decorating the Riverdrive underpasses with their own designs.

For the Gateways underpass project, Art Recruitment Tamworth called in local artist Simon Wingfield, together with professional artists Andrew Mills and David Nash.

In addition to the artwork, the underpasses have been cleaned, resurfaced and had new bollards installed.

Leader of Tamworth Borough Council, Cllr Daniel Cook, said: “This project has involved taking everything that is loved about Tamworth and turning it into amazing artwork for all to see. The new-look underpasses are a great advertisement for what the town has to offer; both in showcasing our history and signposting the way to some of our most popular attractions.

“The images will be seen by visitors leaving the Snowdome by car and by those who may be walking between the town centre and Ventura Park. Hopefully the paintings will encourage people who don’t know Tamworth very well to explore the town further. These gateways are now attractive routes to take; the artwork is fantastic and the underpasses are much cleaner and tidier.

“My thanks go to everyone who has helped bring this fantastic project to life.”


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