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Tamworth Borough Council, 2014 election results

Tamworth Informed - Election

The Conservative Party has retained overall control of Tamworth Borough Council in the 2014 Local Election.

After the election yesterday, Thursday 22 May, the overall seats for Tamworth Council are:

16 Conservative12 Labour1 Independent1 UKIP


We were up through the night, bringing you the election results as they come in to us.  Scroll down to see the full news, as the results happened.

01:12 – reports are that at the moment, the election results are too close to call at the moment.


01:39 – eagerly awaiting the first results…

 election history

Tamworth Borough Council election history

01:46 – Cllr Faulkner saying that he is now not as confident as he was earlier about Labour regaining the three seats required to regain control of the Council.

02:00Labour gain Amington – Tom Peaple takes the seat from John Garner (Cons)

02:04 –  Conservative gain  Belgrave – Joy Goodall takes seat from Richard McDermid (Lab)

02:08 – Labour hold Bolehall – Ken Norchi retains seat

02:10 – Conservative hold Castle – Allan Lunn retains seat

02:12 Labour hold Glascote – Simon Peaple retains seat

02:14 – Conservative hold Mercian – Michael Greatorex retains seat

02:16 – Conservative hold Spittal – Christopher John Chesworth retains seat previously held by Ken Gant (cons)

02:18 – Conservative hold Trinity – Michael Oates retains seat previously help by Lee Bates (cons)

02:24 Conservative hold Wilnecote – Tina Clements retains seat

02:28 UKIP gain Stonydelph – Tony Madge takes seat from Steven Pritchard (cons), following a recount

02:34 – That is it, the results are all in.  Overall Conservative have lost one seat but still retain overall control of Tamworth Borough Council. Overall make up of the council:

16 Conservative, 12 Labour, 1 Independent, 1 UKIP



03:18  – The full breakdown of the results can now be seen by visiting the Tamworth Borough Council website, here


03:21 – The full results reveal that UKIP won the seat in the Stonydelph ward by just 27 votes.  With a turnout of just 28.58% for the ward, the second lowest of the Borough, which way would  it have gone if more had voted?

03:24 – The turnout summery: 33.02% for the Borough, the lowest ward being Glascote with just 27.81% and the highest being Spital with 38.10% turnout.

The 2014 election turnout summey

The 2014 election turnout summery




  1. Not once did a conservative canvasser or councillor come knocking on my door to discuss any issues or concerns I may have. Probably didn’t want to dirty their shoes by coming on to a council estate.
    If I hear anyone moan about who has been elected to find they didn’t vote I shall slap them with their ballot paper!

  2. I’m with you pam they won’t me to take time out of my working day to put a cross in a box for them so they keep there job but don’t come knocking to discuss maters

  3. May I just say one thing…….I’m 33 & I voted for the first time yesterday, I’d never voted before because it doesn’t matter who seems to get in the country just keeps going down. Anyway yesterday I got my papers and went to the booth and found a pencil! I challenged this and said it could easily tampered with without knowledge where as ink can not be easily…..I was told no one had ever challenged this…….why?! I mean seriously how or why has no one else kicked up about this? Does no one else think this might be why the wrong ones are always in? Anyway after my ‘discussion’ I was handed a pen! At least I know my vote was counted the way I wanted it to be x

  4. Even more worrying that people are actually voting for UKIP! Are there that many racist and sexist people in the UK that are happy to lose our NHS and maternity leave and pay?

  5. Zoe Victoria Lea Pope, the ballot papers go into a sealed ballot box which has a number on, by you. They are verified at the other end to ensure they have not been tampered with. They are then opened, tipped out and counted. The counters are watched by tellers from each of the parties, who are there to scrutinise anything they are not happy with.

  6. Pam, UKIP are not rasict? You are just lumping then together with BNP, if you actually sat and took the time out to listen to their views you would see a different side completely. All people go by is the media influence, which shows everyone in a bad light! I feel that it’s about time English and British people should be put first for once….I have no problem at all with any other cultures but I think it’s unacceptable that us as citizens are passed by daily!!

  7. Have you watched his awkward interviews where he squirms at the racist comments he and his party has made Judy Dickinson? I’m not influenced my the media bandwagon, I make my own mind up by what the politicians themselves say not what is printed about them thank you.

  8. As I clearly stated above that if you took the time out to read/view policies so I think that sort of spells it out that I myself have done that? So you’re happy with the government at the moment are you? Happy with the lies? Happy with being a British citizen and nothing showing for that? We were once a great nation who’s people were valued now look at us?

  9. Exactly Tamworth Sales. Everyone had the chance to vote, to have their voice heard. I reminded people enough. The person with the most votes wins at the end of the day.

  10. Some of the loony left labourites showing their true colours on here with ridiculous comments and cheap shots at UKIP and others. Quite embarrassing really as we live in a democracy and the majority have said that they didn’t trust labour. Accept it, take a chill pill, smile and move on.

  11. Yeah well aware of that thank you. But it shows that hopefully next year people might actually vote for someone who is actually going to make a difference!

  12. This result means as it stands Tamworth Golf Course will be built on its a shame people aren’t better informed before they waste local votes on ukip.. 🙁

  13. Totally agree Tony Madge is an excellent guy and I think he will do a lot on good for the town. Local elections are about individuals and the local community..

  14. Helen Portman. My letterbox has been bulging with election material over the last few weeks. All the parties have had the same chance to get their message across and from what I have seen, they have used their chance. People have been informed and made an informed decision who to vote for.

  15. First time I have ever voted Labour in local council allways voted Conservative before . Many other people in the Amington area have felt the same. This is all because of the poor way conservatives managed Golf Course sell off and terrible plans to ruin area with more housing.

    Tom you promised to block Golf Course building programme which is why we voted for you so don’t let us down

  16. Hi informed yes you are totally fair and you do display all view points. Unlike the local paper which is completely biased.. No criticism intended!

  17. That’s a shame Karl Newman they want to build 1200 houses on it .. Point made people vote but don’t know the local issues..so sad!

  18. Sophie Palmer are you able to afford medical expenses for you and your family? Under UKIP we wouldn’t have an NHS everyone would have to pay for it before being treated. Amongst other balmy and idiotic policies.

  19. James Twigg you are so ill informed.. We aren’t necessarily fighting to keep the course open its the open space we want to keep.. What does Wigginton park cost to maintain? Dosthill park? Tories answer is to sell the lot just for cash..

  20. We have not had any canvassers and thankfully no junk flyers through our door. We only had tory and labour on our ballot paper so maybe they could not be ar*ed!

  21. Well Helan, interesting you ask that. I now have the opportunity to show how ill informed I am. For the year 2013/14 Tamworth Concil spent £1,731,930 on open spaces, £113,760 on tree maintenance and £120,790 on sports pitches. They also spent £117,710 on the golf course. I hope this answers your question as to how much it costs to maintain the parks.

  22. To be honest Samuel… When has anyone heard of UKIP in Tamworth until this election?!? UKIP are not made for local politics. Being a councillor on Tamworth Council won’t get us out of Europe!!!

  23. Why is it that it’s only Labour that claim that they can save the golf course why can’t the other parties do the same.
    Could it be they same card they played when amington fields got built land owners being Labour supporters and want top dollar for the moor land instead of the big sport development played for the town . Oh who was in power in Tamworth at the time. Guesses on a post card

  24. Most people in Amington voted labour to block the sale of the golf course not because they play golf but because the area will be ruined by plans to build on the golf course. The roads won’t take the traffic of the extra houses. Feeling in the area is high hence the result. This is the first time I have voted labour so the plans can be blocked and it can be discussed properly.

  25. Hi guys as chair of the Amington residents association I can confirm we have been talking for months to Tamworth Borough Council but as yet no part of the area is safe from development.The land is a cash cow .

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