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A PLANNING application has been submitted to North Warwickshire Borough Council for the first phase of a major development scheme just outside Tamworth.

The application submitted on behalf of national developer, St. Mowden at the end of June this year; a decision is expected shortly.

The applications for a scheme which is proposed to take place on a 35-acre site, east of junction 10 of the M42, known as Tamworth logistics park.

The development could create up to 1,700 jobs in the area.

Gregg Titley, Development Director At St. Modwen has said:

Based on the 10-year average take up for new warehouses in the West Midlands the amount of space available will be gone within one year.

The development at Tamworth Logistics Park will therefore deliver much needed accommodation in a strategic location on the M42 corridor for both distribution and manufacturing companies.

Map of proposed plan Credit: St. Mowden

Map of proposed plan (Credit: St. Mowden)

Tamworth Logistics Park is part of St. Modwen’s growing focus on the development of industrial and logistics sites in areas of high demand across the UK.

As part of the Tamworth development, St. Modwen will create a new access off Trinity Road to service the site. A substantial area of existing open space to the south-west of the site will also be retained, providing natural wildlife habitats.

If the planning application is accepted, the work onsite is due to start during the first quarter of 2018.

The application follows the recent launch of the 153,000 sq ft unit known as CP153 at St. Modwen’s Centurion Park, located adjacent to Tamworth Logistics Park, which could create up to 200 additional jobs in the area.


A FAST FOOD takeaway could be added to the shop frontages in Dosthill it has been revealed in recent plans submitted to the Borough Council.

Domino’s Pizza UK and Ireland have submitted a planning application to Tamworth for the erection of new signs and a remodelled shop front at the former Dosthill Saddlery on High Street, Dosthill.

In November 2015, planning permission was granted for the change of use at the former shop to a hot food takeaway and an erection of  an external flue.

At the time, it was agreed that the hours of operation would be allowed between 9am-11pm on Monday to Saturday and 10am-10pm on Sundays.

The application shows that the company are requesting the advertisement permission from 3 October 2017, which means the company could look at trading from just over a months time.

It is not clear at this stage as to whether this is in addition to, or instead of the Victoria Road takeaway.

Anyone who wishes to comment on the application can do so by visiting the Tamworth Borough Council panning portal and searching application 0398/2017.

Mercedes Car Bonnet and LSH Autos logo

TAMWORTH has been chosen as the prime location for a brand new Mercedes-Benz dealership and regional test drive facility in a major multi-million pound investment which has been described as a huge coup for the area.

LSH Auto UK Limited, the UK subsidiary of the international Lei Shing Hong Group, based in Hong Kong, is in the process of securing a five-acre plot of land south of the A5 bypass in Ventura Park where it plans to deliver a brand new Mercedes-Benz dealership, with class leading showrooms, workshops, offices and a regional test drive facility – as well as creating up to one hundred jobs for the town.

Tamworth Borough Council has played a key role in securing the investment for Tamworth and facilitating the deal between Lei Shing Hong and owners of the land, Aucotts.

The authority will now be working closely with both parties on the detailed design of the property and the wider development scheme.

Although the land already has outline planning permission for employment-generating development, including a new access off the A5 slip road, a detailed planning application is now being prepared and is expected in the autumn. The whole site is expected to create an additional 400 jobs.

Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet member for Regeneration, Cllr Steve Claymore, said: “This investment is a significant coup for Tamworth and increases what is already a healthy confidence in the town as a perfectly-placed investment opportunity. LSH Auto UK Limited has chosen Tamworth for this facility due to its excellent connectivity and the strength of the existing quality offering in the area.

“This should be just the first phase of development on land south of the A5 bypass, which we hope will attract further inward investment to the town to become a major employment site and cement Tamworth’s position as a perfect place to do business on a global scale.”

The site of the proposed development is highlighted in red

The site of the proposed development is highlighted in red

Skey PArk

PLANS for a future retail and community facility in Wilnecote went on display to the public earlier this week.

Central England Co-operative have announced that the existing Co-operative supermarket at Ninian Way, Wilnecote will be closing soon. The Society has been working with Hawkstone Vale Developments Ltd to look at regenerating the site.

There is an opportunity to redevelop the whole site and bring forward a new retail and community facility. This development is proposed to be named ‘Skey Park’ and is set to show an investment of £15.2 million.

Once the site is operational, it is estimated that it will create around 234 jobs directly, with a further 105 jobs created indirectly.

This will create a net wage of around £1.6 million which could potentially increase expenditure in Tamworth.

The existing site

The existing site off Ninian Way, Wilnecote

As part of the consultation on plans the company held a public exhibition this week, 12 July in store. At the exhibition display information was available to view. You can download the exhibition boards here for more detail on the proposals.

The site is described as a sustainable, brown field site and developers have said that as it will soon become vacant, it provides an ideal location for a new development.

Speech Bubble, Tamworth InformedHawkstone Vale Developments have said: “Your views on the project are important to us and we will consider them as we finalise the proposals for the submission of the planning application to Tamworth Borough Council.

“We would therefore be very grateful if you could take the time to complete our feedback form or contact us on skeyparkconsultation@turley.co.uk or by calling 0121 233 0902″

Skey Park Proposals

Skey Park is being proposed to regenerate a central site in Wilnecote to bring forward an exciting retail and community offer.

The proposed development will include the demolition of the existing store and the petrol filling station. By re-contouring the site this will create two at areas to develop upon (the site is currently sloped).

In the west of the site it is proposed to build seven retail units varying in sizes. Two of these units will include mezzanine floors.

In the east part of the site it is proposed to build a new discount food store (seen in green), it is also proposed to develop three restaurants / cafes (seen in blue).

To the south of the site a crèche is proposed.  In addition to this, a new gym can be provided on one of the mezzanine oors of the new retail units.

New planting and landscaping will also be introduced throughout the site.

A car parking area is provided including 467 car parking spaces; comprising of 433 car spaces, 27 disabled spaces and 7 parent and child spaces.

The proposed site layout

The proposed site layout

Some people may ask why is the existing Co-operative Store is closing down; well the company says that the existing store has seen a decline in sales. Like other retailers, Central England Co-operative need to constantly adapt to retail challenges at a local level. This decision was taken to close the store to protect the long-term future and growth of the Society as a whole.

As for the company that a looking at the redevelopment, who are Hawkstone Vale Developments Ltd? Hawkstone is a privately owned, property development and investment company which founded in 1997. They have gained a reputation for high quality developments throughout the UK.

Their current portfolio is comprised of retail, leisure and mixed use, residential and of ce schemes nationwide, many of which are retained within a £115 million investment portfolio.


THE first planning applications for developments related to HS2 have been received by North Warwickshire Borough Council.

The High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Act 2017 granted a planning permission for the construction of the railway.

It is a condition of the planning permission that building works, and other construction works, can only take place following an application to the Local Planning Authority, known as a Schedule 17 application.

North Warwickshire Borough Council has begun to receive the first of these applications.

They propose the formation of new habitat to relocate protected species affected by the railway works in the Coleshill and Water Orton area.

You can view these applications by clicking ‘Search for HS2 applications and make comments‘.

The applications will give the Council an opportunity to consider a limited number of matters, such as those lised below, but only where the proposals are reasonably capable of being modified,

  • design and appearance
  • the effects on road safety or on the free flow of traffic in the local area
  • the preservation of a site of archaeological or historic interest
  • nature conservation value
  • local environment or local amenity

The Council may also identify that the development ought to, and could reasonably, be carried out elsewhere within the development’s permitted limits.

Search for HS2 applications and make comments

  • Click on ‘Search for HS2 applications and make comments’ below
  • Click on the Reference Number of the application you’re interested in
  • HS2 Application and associated documents will be displayed
  • To Comment Click on ‘Comment on Application’ button and complete as required

The applications do not present an opportunity for the Council to reconsider the principle of the development, but the public may see the proposals, and comment on them by following the instructions above  .

Search for HS2 applications and make comments

Skey Park hjjjhj,u' utyas65esd78yt cc9iugf

EARLIER this year Central England Co-operative announced that the existing Co-operative supermarket at Ninian Way, Wilnecote will be closing.

The Society has been working with Hawkstone Vale Developments Ltd to look at regenerating the site and to provide new and improved facilities for the community of Wilnecote.

Speech Bubble, Tamworth InformedA spokesperson from Central England Co-operative explains; ‘The existing store has seen a decline in sales, and like other retailers, we are constantly adapting to retail challenges at a local level. This decision was not taken lightly and it is necessary to protect the long-term future and growth of the Society as a whole. There is now an opportunity to redevelop the whole site and bring forward a new retail and community facility. We are working with Hawkstone to bring forward this exciting development.’

The development, proposed to be named ‘Skey Park’, will include a number of new facilities such as a discount supermarket, a range of stores, a gym, crèche, three drive-to restaurants / cafés, car and cycle parking, an improvement to the pedestrian links, as well as new planting and landscaping.

Andrew Kirton, Managing Director of Hawkstone said; ‘This is a real opportunity to provide new jobs and regenerate the site to provide the local community with a range of high quality and accessible facilities.’

‘Skey Park will bring many long-term benefits to Wilnecote. Creating a pleasant and welcoming environment for visitors to the site, boosting the local economy and creating an estimated 234 new jobs in a range of professions, requiring a number of different skills levels’.

Details of the proposals will go on display at a drop-in event being held in-store at the existing Co-operative supermarket at Ninian Way on Wednesday 12th July 2017 between 2pm – 7:30pm.

Members of the public, local residents, businesses and anyone with an interest in the scheme are encouraged to attend the public exhibition to learn more about the proposals, to talk to the development team and to contribute to the public consultation which is taking place ahead of a planning application being submitted to Tamworth Borough Council later this summer.

Browns Lane Development

TAMWORTH Informed has learned that an outline planning application is being prepared for a proposal comprising up to 220 dwellings within the Lichfield District, but again, on the border with Tamworth.

The plans will also seek the proposal for access, public open space, landscaping, sustainable urban drainage systems, footpaths, roads and associated infrastructure.

The site site they are seeking to develop is land at land off Browns Lane, Tamworth; next to the Taylor Wimpey site which is currently under development.

The proposal is being mad on behalf of Summix Limited, which is a property development company based in London which was incorporated in 2006.

An exhibition on behalf of Summix Ltd has been arranged and the public are invited to view these emerging proposals. The exhibition will be on Wednesday 14 June between 3pm – 7.30pm at the Town Hall, Market Street, Tamworth.

If approved, the development would be in addition to the 535 homes planned for the Anker Valley site, the plans for up to 1000 homes on the Arkall Farm site, the 164 homes of the Taylor Wimpey site and the 174 new homes planned of Coton Lane.

In total, this means that more that 2000 homes will be added to the North side of the town.

The proposed development

The proposed development off Browns Lane

Cllr Robert Pritchard, Ward Councillor has been spoken to by Tamworth Informed.

This is what he had to say: “While we need houses in the right place, this development adds insult to injury to the residents of Browns Lane. They have already had to endure a large housing development at the bottom of their gardens and now along comes another development even bigger than the last.

“This is another attempt to dump houses on our boarders and I again fear Lichfield District Council will roll over for the developers and let Tamworth be consumed by housing developments.

“Tamworth will again get all the traffic and have no say in the development during planning. We are powerless to to stop these developments as they are outside our councils boundaries. Furthermore residents will again be frustrated that all the developer contributions, new home bonus and council tax will be funding services in Lichfield and not Tamworth. But these residents will be part of Tamworth and use local services.

“There has to be changes to the planning system to stop dumping on the boarders of towns, this is completely unsustainable and a recipe for disaster.”

What do you think of the plans?  Are the homes needed?

Chicken Broiler

PLANNING permission has been granted for a broiler unit to hold over 40,000 chickens in Mancetter.

Crown Waste Management Ltd made an application to build a bird broiler unit on land at Crown Stables in Mancetter, North Warwickshire, which the Council rejected.

An appeal to the Planning Inspectorate has been successful and the developer has been given permission to build a 40,001 bird broiler unit, subject to conditions set by the inspector.

The full development will also include associated control room, feed silos, LPG tank, heat exchanger, hard standing and attenuation pond.

The building will be used to rear chickens associated with a short cycle, broiler regime which typically comprises a growth cycle of 37-38days with 7- 11 days allowed for cleaning and restocking.

A single, full time worker will be employed to visit the site twice daily during each growth cycle. This individual will be responsible for stock husbandry and the control of any pests or diseases.

Originally the permission was refused by North Warwickshire Borough Council on the basis that there would be a risk of unacceptable odour emissions that would have a detrimental impact on the occupants of a nearby residential property.

The Council expressed its disappointment at the decision and would like to thank local people, the Parish Councils and others who participated in the appeal procedure. The Hearing took place on the 15th and 16th February 2017.

There are a total of 2o conditions which have been imposed by the planning inspectorate. These include limits on the time HGV’s can access the site and the times in which the chickens can be caught.

ventura Park improvement

A NUMBER of planning applications have been submitted to Tamworth Borough Council to extend units, install mezzanine floors and reconfigure parking on Ventura Retail Park.

The plans include the extension of a number of the retail units to bring frontages inline with the new Next store and to tie-in the overall look of the units.

The site that houses Next, Halfords, Poundstretcher, Currys PC World, Mothercare, Toys ‘R’ Us and Matalan was first given permission on 1992 and the developers state that the overall appearance is now dated and needs a refresh.

Sticking with the appearance of Next, the plans show that the new frontages of the stores will be predominantly glazed and use new, modern materials.

Plans also include a new, side extension to Matalan, as well as an installation of a mezzanine floor.  The new look will also be extended to the sides of the unit, with the installation of new large windows.

Mezzanine floors will also be installed in the remaining units in the stretch, effectively making all the stores two floors.

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The car park will also see a face lift, with extra spaces added and an improved access road; moving the main road away from the front of the stores to increase safety to pedestrians.

In total, 146 extra spaces will be added to the parking available to customers.

An artists impression of the new look stores.

An artists impression of the new look stores.

It is hoped by developers that the proposals will ensure the major retails brands remain in Tamworth for years to come, securing existing employment.

A reminder that this work is being funded by a private company and not Tamworth Borough Council.  The proposals, securing employment and big names is surely a good thing for the town!

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The planned parking layout

The planned parking layout

Yes, as residents, we would love investments from big names in the Town Centre, but we cannot force the hands of the big names, they choose where they want to do business.

What do you think of the plans?



North Warwickshire Borough Council has reacted with dismay to a decision by a Planning Inspector to allow a development in the ‘Meaningful Gap’ between  Dordon and Tamworth.

Inspector Matthew Birkinshaw has allowed an appeal by St Modwen Developments to develop 25 hectares of land off Trinity Road, Dordon.

The Council was concerned that this would mean there would be a continuous line of development  from North Warwickshire to Tamworth and threaten the separate identity of North Warwickshire.

The Inspector however felt that this would be protected by relying just on the land to the north of the A5 opposite the Birch Coppice business park.

Commenting on the news, North Warwickshire Borough Council Leader, Councillor David Humphreys said:

“It has been a long standing aim in North Warwickshire to avoid us appearing to merge into the larger urban area of Tamworth.  We’ve had planning policies on this since at least 1989 and have always been supported by local people.

“We successfully  got an Inspector to agree a policy to have a ‘Meaningful Gap’ between the two areas in 2014 and we are therefore thoroughly disappointed that this Inspector has reinterpreted this, by saying that it’s fine just to be separated from Tamworth north of the A5.

It is very difficult for us to do our job if we don’t get consistency from the Planning Inspectorate.  I have already raised the need for Planning Inspectors to follow Government policy and allow local decision to count with the Planning Minister and I will now seek another urgent meeting with him to raise our concerns. ”

“ The Inspector has imposed an entirely different approach to the Meaningful Gap and we will need to review how we deal with this. We may, however, be able to look again at where development should go in North Warwickshire and I will be discussing this with other
Councillors.  We will then be able to have a fresh conversation with residents of North Warwickshire about how we all want to see our area develop.”

Councillor Mark Simpson, Chair of the Planning and Development Board, added:

“We are trying very hard to deal with unprecedented growth in North Warwickshire in return for the promise of being able to control where it goes.  We feel at the moment that we are doing our bit but the promise of local control is not being delivered by Planning Inspectors.  House building levels are up in the Borough to provide for future generations but the public are growing increasingly annoyed when local plans are not followed – we’ve had a number of appeals allowed in the Austrey area, when it could not have been clearer what local people’s wishes are.

Whilst the jobs and economic activity are welcome, the Inspector has gone against decades of local wishes by effectively joining us up with Tamworth.”

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