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New recruits needed for STP mission

health watch Staffordshire

VOLUNTEERS are needed to ensure plans for health services in Tamworth reach every section of the community.

Public engagement surrounding the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for the area is being co-ordinated by Healthwatch Staffordshire.

The watchdog is recruiting an army of ambassadors who’ll be charged with discussing the plans with their own communities or groups and reporting feedback.

Programme lead Aileen Farrer said: “The future of health care throughout Staffordshire is being set out through the STP and this community engagement project is about making sure that everyone can have their say.

“Volunteers will talk to community groups in their own area, explain the STP programme and gather feedback that will be used in the design and delivery of services in future.

“It’s an important role and we’re looking to recruit at least another 100 ambassadors in total.”

Volunteers can come from any walk of life as long as they have an interest in health and social care and are willing to hold awareness-raising sessions within their own groups and provide feedback.

Aileen Farrer

Mrs Farrer added: “They might be members of community groups such as rotary clubs, youth clubs or women’s institutes, they might be frontline staff within the NHS or they might simply be members of the public who would like to become involved.

“The important thing is that the same message is communicated to as many people as possible throughout Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire so all ambassadors will be provided with resources and given proper training.”

Anyone wishing to be considered as an ambassador is urged to contact Healthwatch Staffordshire on 0800 051 8371 or email [email protected]


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