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TAMWORTH men are being encouraged to help put a stop to violence against women by pledging their support to this year’s White Ribbon Campaign.

The White Ribbon Campaign is a worldwide movement calling on men to stand together and say no to domestic abuse and violence against women.  Its key focus is on educating and engaging with men on these issues.  Although this is a minority of men, this violence impacts on thousands of others every year, in all walks of life.

Now the men of Tamworth are being called on to do their bit once more for the White Ribbon Campaign.

Wearing a white ribbon is a personal pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women. Each year, the campaign urges men and boys to wear a ribbon for one or two weeks, starting from November 20 and including the International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women on November 25. Women often wear them as well.

Tamworth Borough Council’s Community Safety team, staff at the council, police, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service staff and other agencies will be wearing the ribbon in support the campaign. Tamworth Rugby team will also be wearing the ribbons and sharing the anti-violence message.

Tamworth Rugby team wearing the ribbons and sharing the anti-violence message.

Tamworth Rugby team wearing the ribbons and sharing the anti-violence message.

Ribbons can be collected from the community safety team at Marmion House.

Cllr Daniel Cook, Leader of Tamworth Borough Council, said: “As men, we need to stand up against violence to women and make a pledge that we will never commit, condone or stay silent about this crime.

“White Ribbon UK was founded in 2007 and the aim of the campaign is to encourage men to stand up against violence to women, to end a culture which accepts violent behaviour towards women, and we would encourage all men in Tamworth to once more join us in this.”

More information on White Ribbon can be found on their website: www.whiteribbon.org.uk/

syria map overlaid with flag

STAFFORDSHIRE is to welcome Syrian refugee families to the county as part of the UK Government’s commitment to help the troubled country.

Staffordshire County Council is working with district and borough councils to prepare for the arrival of 50 Syrians, all in family groups, in 2018.

The agreement follows the successful resettlement of 51 Syrians in Staffordshire in 2016/17.

Gill Heath, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet member for Communities, said: “All the refugee families are fleeing a terrible civil war which has shattered their country’s economy, education system and healthcare infrastructure.

“We pledged to help those refugees requiring urgent medical treatment, survivors of torture, and some of the women and children who are most at risk.

“Several Syrian families have already found peace in Staffordshire, thanks to the help from our district and borough councils, Refugee Action and other partners, who have been working with the families to settle them over the past 18 months.”

In September 2015 the then Prime Minister David Cameron announced the UK would expand the Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement scheme to accept 20,000 refugees by 2020.

The scheme prioritises those who are most at risk and cannot be supported in their own country. The Home Office checks their eligibility, conducts thorough security checks and works with the International Organisation for Migration to ensure that a full medical assessment is carried out prior to arrival in the UK.

Gill Heath said: “The people of Staffordshire have helped those in need many times over the years and I’m proud of how communities have worked closely together so far.

“The borough and district councils, Stafford & Rural Homes, local schools and local health services have all worked very hard, with Refugee Action, to make this stressful time a success.”


Colin Bryan receiving his OBE

DRAYTON Manor Park’s Chairman and son of the founders, Mr Colin Bryan is awarded an OBE at Buckingham Palace in recognition of his charity work and ongoing contribution to tourism.

On receiving his OBE, Colin said: “I couldn’t be prouder to be presented with this award and to have my family with me on such a special day. I follow in the footsteps of my parents who inspired me to put my heart and soul into Drayton Manor Park and to give back to the local community as they did. It’s our family’s life work and it’s such an honour to be recognised in this way.”

During more than 52 years of commitment and dedication to the leisure industry, Colin has been an inspiration to those around him.

He has made a significant contribution to numerous local charities and community initiatives, including his involvement as patron of the park’s main charity KidsOut, continuing the work his father began in 1989 with the Rotary club.  A national charity providing fun for young people living in difficult circumstances, Colin hosts two free fun days out at Drayton Manor Park every year, for over 5,000 disadvantaged, disabled and special needs children.

Mr. Colin Bryan is made an OBE by the Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace. Photo credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Other charities include the RNLI, which his late mother was hugely involved in, as well as the Midlands Air Ambulance, JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), St Giles Hospice, National Autistic Society, Alzheimer’s Research UK, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Tamworth Round Table and Tamworth Rotary to name a few.

Today, Drayton Manor Park is one of the UK’s leading family attractions with over one million people a year visiting the theme park, home of Europe’s only Thomas Land™, a 15-acre Zoo, and a 4 star Hotel.

HERE you can see a selection of images from the Tamworth Remembrance Parade in Tamworth Town Centre today, Sunday 12 November.

If you have any imaged you would like included, please email them to [email protected]

their name liveth for evermore

WE WILL REMEMBER THEM; the important words that we must ensure we stand by.  This is a plea to ensure the memories live on.

Sadly there are no longer any known surviving veterans of the first World War and each year, the number of surviving veterans from the Second World War dwindles.

These of course are the wars that we traditionally think of when we think of Armistice Day; but we must also remember those that have served their country and sadly lost their lives since the end of the Second World War.

A visit to the National Memorial Arboretum will allow you to see the Armed Forces Memorial; the UK’s tribute to over 16,000 men and women who have been killed on duty or as a result of terrorist action since 1948 to the present day.  The unfortunate thing about the memorial is to see that names are added annually to the giant Portland stone walls.

I have not seen active service myself; but family members have served in both world wars and I hold those that have served with the upmost respect. I do what I can each year to ensure that their memory lives on and I have travelled around France and Belgium to pay my respects; this is something I will personally ensure I maintain with my own child.

Menin Gate. Credit: Johan Bakker

Menin Gate. Credit: Johan Bakker

Standing at the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium, where at 8pm each evening as the bugle plays the Last Post, I defy anyone to not have a tear in their eye as they think of those that have died.

Especially as your eyes scan the names of the 54,395 Commonwealth soldiers who died in the Ypres Salient but whose bodies have never been identified or found.  Finding a relatives name on the memorial makes it all the more poignant.



Tyne Cot Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery, near Passchendale

Tyne Cot Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery, near Passchendale

Walking in to Tyne Cot War Graves Cemetery near Passchendale, Belgium and seeing almost 12,000 uniformed headstones, where rank does not distinguish, is nothing short of breath taking.  It is an unbelievable sight that you cannot imagine unless you see it with your own eyes.

Row upon row of head stones as far as the eye can see, which are surrounded by a stone wall which makes up the Tyne Cot Memorial of the Missing, one of several Commonwealth War Graves Commission Memorials to the Missing along the Western Front.  It’s tragic to think that so many died and never had their bodies found that upon completion of the Menin Gate, builders discovered it was not large enough to contain all the names as originally planned.  The memorial contains the names of 33,783 soldiers of the UK forces.  

You don’t however, have to travel around Europe to pay your respects, I just ask that each year, you continue to make the effort.  This is a personal plea to ask that you also ensure that the memories live on, and are passed on to your future generations. Please don’t let them forget.


Just incase you’re not sure!

Time in Tamworth:


It’s that time of year, yes already, when we officially abandon British Summer Time and return to good old GMT.

That means the clocks fall back – and it will start getting darker earlier. Even though it only feels like summer started two minutes ago, many see this as the official start of the winter season.

But there is some good news – mornings will be lighter and you get an extra hour in bed (but only on the day the clocks actually go back, not everyday throughout winter, sadly).

And for those people who didn’t bother changing their clocks when they went forward in spring – you’ll be back on the correct time, well for five months at least.

But when do the clocks actually go back? And why do we put them back? As we prepare to wrap up warm for those winter months here’s everything you need to know about Daylight Saving Time.

When do the clocks go back?
The UK reverts to Greenwich Mean Time at 2am on Sunday, October 30. That means all clocks are turned back to 1am at that time. Most clever devices these days will change the time for you, so you’ve no need to worry.

But remember, you’ll need to change some clocks manually – or face constant bewilderment every time you catch a glimpse of the time on your oven or microwave. Or just leave them until the clocks go forward again next spring.

Why do the clocks go back?
The moving of the clocks was first introduced during World War I by Germany and Austria, and then by the allies, to save on coal usage.

It was invented by George Vincent Hudson, a New Zealand entomologist in 1895, while British businessman William Willett is also credited with the idea as a way of getting up earlier and so having more daylight hours after work.

William Willett is the great-great-grandfather of Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who have a song called ‘Clocks’. While the UK has always had daylight savings time since it was first introduced, it came into widespread use across the world during the 1970s because of the energy crisis.

Will my mobile phone update? 
Yes, if you have an iPhone, iPad and Mac they automatically change. Check you have your ‘Date and Time’ settings for ‘Set Automatically’ turned on and it’s best to update your iOS too.

For smartphones, network operators should change the time accordingly so you shouldn’t have to do anything, but make sure you have automatic updates set to your phone.

Wouldn’t it be easier not to meddle with it?
Some people absolutely think that’s the case and have been lobbying for a long time for Britain to stay on BST or GMT all year around. They argue that it would increase tourist revenue, cut crime, reduce accidents, save energy and generally make us all the more cheery.

Folk in Scotland, tend to disagree as parts of the country wouldn’t see daylight until 10am.

xbox one x

GamesCom 2017 was the talking point for the newly anticipated Xbox One X this weekend.

Microsoft slowly announced details of their newest addition to the Xbox family, with information about games, prices and special editions being finally released to the gaming community.

One of the biggest announcements came in the form of a release date and price. The Xbox One X will cost around the region of $449.99, with special editions predicted to cost more.

The official release date is set to be November 7th 2017, with pre-orders available now. The first releases of the Xbox One X are predicted to be the ‘Project Scorpio’ editions which mainly has only a new aesthetic appearance.

The powerful console is already set to have some enhanced games, with Fallout 4, Titanfall 2 and ReCore being just few examples of what is to come. Although over 100 more games will be added to this list.

Just  few announced at E3 earlier this year are:

  • Assassins Creed: Origins
  • Crackdown3
  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z
  • Forza Motorsport 7
  • Madden NFL 18
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2

To name but a few. The console is also supporting data transfer from Xbox One to Xbox One X via external hard-drives.

Despite the Xbox One X being the talk of the town recently, its not the only one getting the limelight. The Xbox one S consoles are also getting a boost with the announcement of a Minecraft limited edition 1TB bundle, complete with a green Creeper controller and a pink pig controller.

If Minecraft is not your thing, then also being released is a limited edition 1TB Middle Earth: Shadow of War console with both being released on the 3rd and the 10th October respectively.

The Xbox One X is quickly becoming the most anticipated and sought after console this year, which highly predicts that like the Nintendo Switch, getting one may be few and far between so pre-order now.

Stay with Tamworth Informed for more coverage of the release upon future announcements.

Anti Terror Hotline

CASUALTIES have been reported after two terrorist incidents in central London.

Just after 10pm police responded to reports of a vehicle hitting pedestrians on London Bridge and said there were “multiple casualties” at the scene.

Shortly after that, officers said there had been reports of stabbings at Borough Market.

“Armed officers responded and shots have been fired,” Met Police said.

A witness told Reuters that she saw people who may have had their throats cut.

At around 1.30am, a Reuters reporter also said three loud bangs had been heard near Borough Market but the reason is not yet clear.

Prime Minister Theresa May is returning to Downing Street to be briefed by security officials and is understood to be preparing to chair a meeting of the Government’s emergency response committee – Cobra – later today.

THE UK’s terror threat level is going to be reduced from “critical” to “severe“, the Prime Minister has confirmed.

At an emergency COBRA meeting, the independent Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre advised that the UK should return to the second-highest levels, which indicates an attack is highly likely rather than imminent.

The change indicates an attack is highly likely, rather than imminently expected. 

Operation Temperer, which has seen armed soldiers support police on the streets, will be gradually stood down once the bank holiday weekend ends.

It is likely that police officers will also return to normal shift patterns and as a result, you will once again see less police officers on the streets.

Police are continuing their investigation into the Manchester Arena bombing, which killed 22 people.

SPAR is recalling its Tikka Chicken Chunks because it may contain small pieces of glass which could present a safety risk.

Anyone who has purchase the chicken is asked to return it to the store where you purchased it for a full refund.

The product may contain small pieces of glass which could represent a safety risk.

The item affected is the 140g pack sizes of SPAR Chicken Tikka Chunks with a Use by date of 19 May 2017.

The product has a barcode of 501035823355 and the company say that no other SPAR products are known to be affected.



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