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AT Tamworth Informed, we usually stick to factual news; whether that be regarding something that is happening locally, or something we feel our readers may be interested in that has happened further afield.  This article is something a little different, a personal plea from our MD.

Following a tragic incident locally, our managing director would like to put a statement out to our readers and we ask you to share with your friends and family if it is something you agree with.

This is what she would like to say:

Firstly, I would like to say that these are my own words, I have not been asked by anyone to say this and it is not simply a promotion in disguise.  It is just something that I am feeling very passionate about at the moment.

You may not agree with me and that is fine; as I say, this is just how I feel.  Think of it as an ‘editors view’ in a newspaper – ignore it if you like!

You will all be aware of the terrible and tragic accident which occurred at Drayton Manor Park a week ago today, on Tuesday 9 May.

In the awful incident, 11-year-old Evha Jannath from Leicester sadly lost her life whilst on a school trip to the theme park.

As a mark of respect for Evha and her family, Drayton Manor closed for a number of days following the incident and reopened on Saturday 13 May.  Some of the rides remain closed – again as a mark of respect. This is not something the park has been asked to, or indeed forced to do.

This terrible incident would have not just affected the friends and family of Evha but also the staff that work at the park and the emergency services that attended.

Many of you would have seen the press conference on the TV following the incident and it was clear to see how upset, genuine upset, George Bryan was as he spoke about the tragic event. George is himself a father and you could tell that this had affected him personally,

I ask you all to remember that Drayton Manor is a family run business and I am sure that everyone in this town has had a relative or friend that has been employed by the Bryan family over the almost 70 years they have been open.

I know people that are employed by Drayton Manor, some of whom were working on the day.  I also know members of the emergency services; again, some of whom attended this incident  on the day.  From what I have been told from these people, who were actually there, Drayton Manor Park management handled the situation extremely well on the day. They demonstrated professionalism and more importantly sensitivity in what was very difficult circumstances.

In addition to employment, Drayton Manor and the Bryan family have done a lot of work for local and national charities such as through the KidsOut day and they also recognise the incredible work of armed forces personnel through their free entry for those serving or who have served.

What happened was tragic and a full report in to the incident will come out but let us not be put off by what occurred.

As a town and as surrounding residents, let’s show our support for this amazing, local, award winning business.  In time of need they have been there for many of us, let us now show we support them.

Thank you for taking the time to listen.

Lucy Kinson, Managing Director, Tamworth Informed Ltd.


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