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Get fit for FREE this half term

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ACTIVE Tamworth will be helping people to get ‘in shape’ this half term, when they take a visit to the outdoor gyms across the borough.

During  the October half term, Tamworth Borough Council’s Sports Development Team, will be visiting all outdoor gyms in the borough to show people how to use the equipment properly, write an individual fitness programme, check blood pressure, weight and percentage body fat, all for free.

Active Tamworth was set up by Tamworth Borough Council Sports Development Team to increase participation rates in physical activity.

The team will be spending a whole day at each gym from 9am-4pm, to try and capture a wide section of the community that use the facilities at different times of the day.

The timetable for the week is as follows:

  • Monday October 23 – Belgrave outdoor gym (off Bird’s Bush Road)
  • Tuesday October 24 – Castle Grounds outdoor gym
  • Wednesday October 25 – Wigginton Park outdoor gym (off Elizabeth Drive)
  • Thursday October 26 – Amington outdoor gym (off Sheepcote Lane, opposite Costcutter)
  • Friday October 27 – Dosthill Park outdoor gym (off Blackwood Road)

The outdoor gyms – which are free to use – have been installed in the parks in an attempt to encourage even more people to take up exercise and improve their health.

Each gym features state-of-the art equipment which has been specially designed to be installed and used outdoors. They have various stations with cardiovascular and resistance equipment, such as a chest press and lateral pull-down, a cross trainer or a bike. The equipment is free to use, but anyone using the outdoor gyms should be aged 12 or over.

Cllr Stephen Doyle, Cabinet member for Communities & Wellbeing, said: ““Public health is vitally important to Tamworth Borough Council, so much so that we have made it one of our top priorities. With the outdoor gyms attracting hundreds of users every week, we want to ensure that people in all parts of the borough are also able to take advantage of these facilities and can use the equipment safely.

“Thanks to the Sports Development Team and Active Tamworth, people will have the opportunity to find out more about their personal health and have a fitness programme to suit their needs. The idea behind the week is to try and increase physical activity in general and reinforcing that people have free facilities on their doorstep that they can make use of.”


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