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‘Geeky Heaven’ as actors from Harry Potter, Batman and Game of Thrones come to Tamworth


GEEKS were in their element this week when a mix of cartoonist and actors from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Batman attended ‘GeekFest’ in Ankerside Shopping Centre.

Tamworth LitFest’s Anthony Poulton Smith introduced the GeekFest which was run with the support of Tamworth FestiCon and Ankerside in Bloom.

Whilst some Al Davison, Martyn Ballantyne (Batman and Harry Potter) and Margaret Jackman (the Old Lady who kills Arya in Game of Thrones), are internationally known; other artists and writers, like Simon Goodwin, George Bastow and Nathan Moore are local to Tamworth.

Here you can see an interview with Anthony Poulton Smith…

Tamworth Informed has an exclusive interview with Margret Jackman on being in Game of Thrones and, the attack on Arya and the problems of script secrecy.

Interestingly, in a recent move by HBO, a $250,000 “bounty payment” has been offered in relation ago a hacker who stole TV show scripts from the company, including those for Game of Thrones. (CNBC)

Martin Ballantyne talks about being “Scary Face” one of Munngue’s associates in Harry Potter and in Batman being the Jokers Henchman.

Moving from acting to the Graphics novels, comics and cartoons, we spoke with the acclaimed artist and writer Al Davison.  Al is a comic creator who has worked extensively for DC/Vertigo on such titles as: Hellblazer, Vermillion, House Of Mystery, CMYK, The Dreaming and The Unwritten. He has also drawn Doctor Who comics for IDW.

He is probably best known for his graphic memoir The Spiral Cage, which explored his experiences growing up with Spina-Bifida, a condition he was born with and wasn’t expected to survive.

He has been trying to complete the 2nd volume, Muscle Memory: A Survivors Tale, for over 10 years; but the pressure of having to take on commercial work to pay the rent, and health problems, meant that he has had to put it on hold. Discovering Patreon, a crowd funding platform, has encouraged him to give it another go.

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Muscle Memory: A Survivors Tale, is even more of a challenge than the first volume, as it not only continues to look at disability issues, but also addresses his experiences of physical child abuse at the hands of his Father.

Al says: “I want to make it clear that this is not a story of victimization, but a story of survival and of winning against the odds. Their will inevitably be distressing scenes throughout the series, but it is also an optimistic and often funny look at my life, because that’s how I am.”

You can help Al raise the funds he needs to complete his second volume on his Patreon Page.

Following on from an established artist we spoke to George Bastow and Nathan Moore  two up and coming artists and writers from Tamworth. We recommend you start collecting their work now before they become famous and it’s value rockets as it surely will.  These tow have a wonderful talent.

Simon Goodwin of  Papercraft quietly had an exclusive announcement. He had the new Game of thrones Mask kits from Carlton books as shown in the video. These are pre-release samples and an exclusive as this is the first time the public have seen these mask kits.