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First HS2 applications received by North Warwickshire Council


THE first planning applications for developments related to HS2 have been received by North Warwickshire Borough Council.

The High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Act 2017 granted a planning permission for the construction of the railway.

It is a condition of the planning permission that building works, and other construction works, can only take place following an application to the Local Planning Authority, known as a Schedule 17 application.

North Warwickshire Borough Council has begun to receive the first of these applications.

They propose the formation of new habitat to relocate protected species affected by the railway works in the Coleshill and Water Orton area.

You can view these applications by clicking ‘Search for HS2 applications and make comments‘.

The applications will give the Council an opportunity to consider a limited number of matters, such as those lised below, but only where the proposals are reasonably capable of being modified,

  • design and appearance
  • the effects on road safety or on the free flow of traffic in the local area
  • the preservation of a site of archaeological or historic interest
  • nature conservation value
  • local environment or local amenity

The Council may also identify that the development ought to, and could reasonably, be carried out elsewhere within the development’s permitted limits.

Search for HS2 applications and make comments

  • Click on ‘Search for HS2 applications and make comments’ below
  • Click on the Reference Number of the application you’re interested in
  • HS2 Application and associated documents will be displayed
  • To Comment Click on ‘Comment on Application’ button and complete as required

The applications do not present an opportunity for the Council to reconsider the principle of the development, but the public may see the proposals, and comment on them by following the instructions above  .

Search for HS2 applications and make comments


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