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Tamworth MP steps down as ‘Comptroller of the House’

Christopher Pincher MP

TAMWORTH MP, Chris Pincher, who is a government whip, holding the ceremonial position of ‘Comptroller of the House’ has stood down from the Whips’ Office and referred himself to the police.

The decision has been made after allegations of an incident in London in 2001, prior to Mr Pincher becoming a member of parliament.

Mr Pincher has been Member of Parliament for Tamworth since 2010 and has been Comptroller of the Household since June after serving as an assistant whip since July 2016.

Downing Street said the Conservative politician had also “voluntarily” referred himself to the party’s complaints procedure following allegations about his behaviour.

Although he has stepped down from his Government position, Mr Pincher remains a Member of Parliament.

A Downing Street spokesman said: “After several conversations with the Chief Whip, in order to address a number of questions, Mr Pincher has voluntarily referred himself both to the party’s complaints procedure and the police, and has voluntarily stood down from the Whips Office in the meantime.”

The Mail on Sunday reported that Mr Pincher had been accused of making an unwanted pass at a Conservative activist and former British rower Alex Story in 2001.

Mr Pincher told the newspaper: “I do not recognise either the events or the interpretation placed on them by the Mail on Sunday.

“Whatever may or may not have happened or been said was obviously many years before I became an MP. If Mr Story has ever felt offended by anything I said, then I can only apologise to him.”



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