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Man breaks his legs after ‘fall’ from balcony in Castle Grounds

WMAS Air Ambulance

THIS afternoon (Friday) a man was airlifted to hospital with suspected broken legs after falling from a balcony in Tamworth Castle Grounds.

Staffordshire Police and West Midlands Ambulance service, including an air ambulance were sent to the Pleasure Grounds after reports of a man on the edge of a ‘balcony’ by the Ankerside Shopping Centre.

One eye-witness told Tamworth Informed: “He was down to his boxers and standing the wrong side of the wall and railing looking over St. Ruffins Well.

“The incident took about three hours. Several ambulances and Police were in attendance. An air ambulance came for him. Reports say he had a row with a woman before he climbed over the railing.”

“[the emergency services] were all standing by and the public were kept away so he didn’t have an audience.”

St. Ruffins Well

Standing at the bottom of the steps is the site of the old well, where that floating marble ball used to be that some of our readers may remember.


Prior to the man ‘falling’, he was locked in a stand-off with emergency services who attempted to talk him down.

West Midlands Ambulance Service have said: “We received a call at 1.57pm today (May 12) to reports of a patient on a balcony.

“An ambulance, a senior paramedic officer, a hazardous area response unit and a air ambulance was sent to the scene to assist the police.

“Crews have treated a patient with suspected broken bones after they had fell from a balcony.

“The patient was taken by air ambulance to a University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire site.”


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