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New web page lists all authorised street collectors

Charity Collection Tin

News, of charity groups which have been authorised to seek ‘on the spot’ cash donations from members of the public on the streets of Tamworth are now being listed on the Tamworth Borough Council website.

The new page can be viewed at www.tamworth.gov.uk/authorised-street-collectors for anyone who wants to check which street collectors have been authorised to be in the town on a given day.

Tamworth Borough Council has recently received two reports of street collectors operating in the town centre without prior authorisation.

Street collectors authorised to collect cash will have sealed boxes for the money to go in and are not authorised to sell items in return for a donation.

All street collectors must seek prior permission from Tamworth Borough Council, giving four weeks’ notice of the date they wish to be in the town on. Their identity can then be confirmed and each collector will be issued with a collectors badge from Tamworth Borough Council, which must be produced on demand.

Tamworth Borough Council only grants approval to one charity group per day.

The rules do not apply to registered charities setting up Direct Debit instructions.

Anyone who encounters a street collector who does not appear on the online list, or who cannot produce a Tamworth Borough Council collectors badge, is asked to call the public protection team on 01827 709445, or email [email protected].


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