Alleged Racist and Homophobic comments by Tamworth UKIP Candidate

Sunday, 27th April 2014

A UKIP probe has been launched over a Tamworth Borough Council candidate’s alleged homophobic and racist comments on Twitter and Facebook.

Robert Bilcliff, from Wilnecote who is standing to be a local councillor for the Castle ward in the May elections has been accused of Racism and Homophobia following a tweet and facebook posts.

At just after 10am, on March 29, the day gay marriage was made legal in the UK, Mr Bilcliff took to Twitter to say: ‘Sad day for all us straight people.’ This post is believed to be directly linked to the legalization of gay marriage.

Tamworth informed UKIP

A snapshot from the publicly open, UKIP linked Twitter account of Robert Bilcliff


A separate Facebook post in July 2012 allegedly made a joke against Muslims.  Tamworth Informed has been forwarded copies of these posts but has chosen not to publish them due to their content.  The comments made reference to the September 11th Bombings and the hygiene of people in Pakistan.

The Daily Mail has stated today that last night Mr Bilcliff admitted he could see how his comments could be viewed as homophobic and racist, but was adamant he was neither.


‘I am not racist and never have been. I have many friends of different nationalities but I enjoy a joke every now and again.’


A UKIP spokesman  has told the Daily Mail that the matter had been referred to the party’s national executive with  a view to disciplinary action.