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Adoption campaign asks ‘Could you help keep siblings together?’

Staffordshire County Council

FAMILIES interested in adopting siblings are being encouraged to come forward in a new campaign by Staffordshire County Council’s Adoption Service.

Almost seven out of ten children waiting for adoptive families in the West Midlands are brothers and sisters in groups of 2 or more. This means that the need to find parents for siblings is greater than ever before.

The latest campaign is part of National Adoption Week which runs from 16 to 22 October and is asking people to #supportadoption.

The service is particularly looking for families who might be interested in adopting sibling groups as these children can often be the hardest to find caring and loving homes for. Plus, the lifelong support and love that siblings can offer each other means that in most cases children settle easier in a new home together.

Mark Sutton, Cabinet Member responsible for Children’s Services at Staffordshire County Council said:  “If you have recently been thinking about creating, extending or even completing a family then maybe adoption is for you.

”In our latest campaign and roadshows we are particularly looking for adoptive families who would be willing to adopt sibling groups. We know that in most cases keeping brothers and sisters together is in their best interests rather than the experience of further stress caused by being separated from each other. While this is the thrust of the campaign, we are also looking for potential families for children of all ages, those with additional needs and children with ethnic minority backgrounds.

”I would definitely encourage people considering adoption to get along to one of our campaign roadshows and information events where you can find out more.”

Staffordshire adopter Sally added:  “Although we went from no children to two lively, wonderful little boys, I would definitely recommend adopting siblings. Of course we all had to adjust. They were coming to somewhere new and we all needed to get used to one another, but I can honestly say it has been incredibly worthwhile. Staying together has also helped their transition immensely.

”My advice to anyone thinking about adoption would be to just make the call – it doesn’t actually commit you to anything but knowing what is involved and having the opportunity to talk to others helps make it more real in your own mind and could be the best thing that you ever do.”

Currently waiting for adoption is a sibling group of three, aged five, four, two who all share in a loving relationship. They are two girls and a boy who love being outdoors burning energy but who also like quiet moments indoors. On their wish list for a new family is a trampoline, being able to sing and dance like Elsa from Frozen and trips to the farm to feed animals. They love hugs and kisses and enjoy each other’s company. They are full of giggles and laughter.

Also awaiting a loving family are a brother and sister aged eight and six. They are a very chatty pair with great inquisitive minds. One has a love for cars and always ready to quiz people about their knowledge on cars whilst the other loves everything to do with fairy tale and princesses. They both share an interest of playing outdoors on their scooters. They also enjoy arts and crafts. Both have lovely temperaments and caring natures and look forward to meeting their new family.

Staffordshire’s Adoption Service offers an excellent package of support and training and people can find out more at www.Staffordshire.gov.uk/adoption or by calling 0800 169 2061.


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