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Thousands of bikers pay their respects at Ride to the Wall event

Ride to the wall 2017

THOUSANDS of motorcycle enthusiasts from the UK and overseas took part in annual charity event Ride to the Wall last weekend on Saturday 7 October.

Riders and passengers gathered at the memorial (the wall) at the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas, which is engraved with the names of more than 16,000 service men and women killed since the end of the Second World War.

This years event was the 10th anniversary of Ride to the Wall as the first event took place in 2008 as the brain child of Martin Dickinson.

In 2007, Martin attended the remembrance day event at the National Memorial Arboretum and noticed that there was a lot of children and young people there. This reminded him that although Remembrance Day is often traditionally linked to the World Wars, there was a lot of people that had lost their lives and left families behind since the end of these wars.  Including in the Northern Ireland conflicts, in which Martin had served.

For the first event in 2008, Martin asked for 200 bikers to take part in the event – 1800 showed up and as a result £10,000 was raised. The 2016 event, which took place in horrific weather and torrential rain attracted 7,300 bikes.

In June this year, Ride to the Wall presented a cheque for £121,200, which brings their total prior to this event to a staggering £633,000!

Ride to the Wall was founded on the principles of Remembrance and Respect and the income from the event goes to the running and upkeep of the National Memorial Arboretum.

Here you can see Martin Dickinson talking to one of our reporters, Edna Hills:

The majority of the motorcyclists taking part in the event met at Drayton Manor Park and rode to the Arboretum in Convoy.  There are however a number of meeting points for riders from around the Country.

Here you can see the ride out from Drayton Manor Park; can you spot yourself?

Below you can also see our reporter, Edna, chatting to Various attendees of this years event in a set of exclusive interviews for Tamworth Informed.


  1. RTTW is attended by approx 7,500otorbikes each year of which Drayton Manor is limited to 750 bikes because of logistics. I don’t wish to split hairs but DM is not the majority.

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